title-and-photoSeptember 28, 2016

Children and youth are the future.  It is critical that we empower youth with the tools they need to build a healthy and sustainable future. For this reason the Karen and Fred Green Fund of the Vancouver Foundation is tripling the fundraising efforts of Canadian youth until the end of 2016.

This means that every $1 raised by Canadian youth will be matched with $3 until the end of 2016.  We need teachers and youth leaders to mobilize teams of youth who are motivated to make a difference and take action on making education accessible in East Africa.

To read more about how you can get involved please visit our Triple Hope Campaign Page.

eipmeetingwithbannercroppedPhoto:  Education Is Power committee at one of our Kenyan fundraisers 

Education has the power to change everything… Just imagine being born into East Africa where the average person earns $1.75 per day yet must pay $450 for one year of public high school or $2000 for one year of public university.  So what happens if you are dedicated to create a better world but you are not born with the privilege to gain a higher level education? The answer is simple:  Lack of opportunity equals the lack of ability to make changes that our world needs  

Please help our East African students continue to study, develop confidence and have a chance at a better future for their families and communities.

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 Mission of Education Is Power: 

“Through education, Education Is Power is dedicated to develop the potential in disadvantaged East Africans who are committed to the sustainable development and natural conservation of Africa”. We achieve this by providing education opportunities to East Africans at East African secondary and post-secondary institutions, as well as by supporting African primary and secondary teachers to mentor their students to give back to their communities. (Français) (Español)

* Background image:  An evening soccer match in Il Ngwesi, Laikipia North, Kenya (partner of EIP)