Media Attention for Education is Power

CBC Quebec City Radio Interview – April 2009

The Perth Courier articles: (click on title to view article)  January 21, 2009:

Perth native continues to press for education is east Africa

Perth’s Dave Cuddy, above-right with Alexandre Trudeau at the
Jacque Hébert Memorial and Canada World Youth Global Citizenship
Awards in Montreal….

May 7, 2008:

Education project gains momentum: Perth Man raises funds to send Africans to university

The phrase “education is power” is more than just a few words to Perth’s Dave Cuddy.….

Le Papier Bavard – Laval University, Quebec City

March 31, 2008

À ne pas manquer, le 7 avril à 19:30:  soirée de chansons frncophones au profit d’un organisation humanitaire

Dave Cuddy (élémentaire) vous invite à une soirée de financement pour “Education is Power”…


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