Freshiah Nyokabi Nyina


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Photo:  Freshiah speaks on how Education is Power has helped her at an EIP event in Kimende, Kenya, February 10th, 2013.

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November 5, 2014

Freshiah writes:

I am so happy to be at Kenyatta university pursuing bachelor of commerce. I have been in the university for two semesters now and its all thanks to Education is Power and KENVO (Kenyan partner organization of EIP). I have been taking the following courses: Fundamentals of Accounting 1&2, Management Mathematics 1&2, Introduction to Insurance, Macro Economics Theory, Micro Economics Theory, Communication Skills, Critical and creative Thinking, Business Law, Business Studies, Organizational Behavior, Computer Programming, and Business Statistics. They all have been very valuable to me, yet most interesting of all have been management mathematics and accounting.

I have been volunteering in tutoring high school students in mathematics and business studies during myholidays and it have been my pleasure.

My education goals are to attain at least a second class degree upper division honors or higher. I am working hard to achieve my career goal as an accountant.

Life at school has been good and back at home as well. I’m so thankful to Education is Power, all the donors and most of all Dave Cuddy for everything that I have achieved so far. I pray that one day I will be able to help others the same way you all have done for me and much more. I am so grateful. God bless you.


Photo: Freshiah is second to left, along with her family and EIP’s Samuel Wakang’u, Dave Cuddy and Stephen Kamau (January 2014)

January 7th, 2014

Freshiah to Start University this Week!

Freshiah found Education is Power in 2009 when she was continuously sent home from Secondary School because her family could not afford to pay school fee balances.
EIP supported her through her last 2 years of high school. Freshiah was accepted to start at Kenyatta University in September 2013 but has had to wait until now for Education is Power to raise funds to send her to University.

Finally, after many challenges for her, Freshiah started her degree in Commerce this Monday, January 6, 2014 at Kenyatta University. A special thanks to current EIP students, Samuel Wakang’u and Stephen Nyuto who helped show her around the bustling registration process!

She is excited but most of all so thankful to have the opportunity to be going to school. She is the first in her family to pursue a degree and has definitely had some extreme challenges along the way. Freshiah’s yearly tuition fees will be $1775 and she will also require funds for accommodation

During our visit she wanted to let us know that she was thankful to EIP and it’s donors because she had almost lost all hope before EIP stepped in.

August 7th, 2013

Freshiah has just been accepted to study a bachelor of commerce at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya.   The cost for tuition per semester is $850.   Freshiah had to change her first pick program of nursing due to complications with the Kenyan school system.  Freshiah never had a Biology teacher at her high school so she lacked the biology perquisite to pursue nursing.  Unlike in the Canadian school system where one can just upgrade any course after graduating secondary school, in Kenya it is necessary to repeat a whole academic year in secondary school and write an exam which includes all four years of secondary school.   Rather then repeating her whole year (while the school system in currently on strike) Freshiah has decided that a degree in commerce will help her gain good employment to help her family and community as well as allow her to gain skills to contribute to the administration of Education is Power.

Freshiah is due to start in September 2013, but unfortunately EIP lacks the funds and must push Freshiah’s start date to January 2014 in hopes that Education is Power will be able to raise enough money.  Please donate to help.

Freshiah has been helping to tutor high school students in her spare time.  She also has been upgrading her computer skills to help her in her post-secondary pursuits.  Freshiah is a great role model for other EIP students as she started with not being able to afford high school and then graduated at the top of her class to allow her to pursue university education.

Left to right:  fellow student of Freshiah, teacher of Freshiah supporting her, Dave Cuddy (Director of Education is Power), Freshiah Nyokabi Nyina – October 2009


Hi, my name is Freshiah Nyokabi Nyina. I was born on June 27 1994 by my single mother. I am the second born in our family. Many of my brothers and sisters did not get an opportunity to attain secondary school. I am working hard to attain secondary school, but due to a lack of money I will need outside help to achieve this goal.

I started schooling at Ben Nursery in 2000 at the age of five. Then I joined grade 1 at Escarpment Primary School. In grade 5 my family moved and I was transferred to Mau-Narok Primary School to complete my primary education in 2007. I was among the top girls at my school with 318 marks out of 500.

I was overjoyed to pass my final examination of primary school, although I could not join secondary school because I lacked the money to pay for school fees. I had to repeat grade 8, while my mother tried to find money to pay for my secondary education. My uncle was very sad about this and helped me to begin secondary school, although he could not continue to support me. He arranged for me to live with my grandmother, which was necessary because of the post-election violence that displaced my family. I started secondary school at Escarpment Secondary (in Lari Division, Central Province) late in the year. I was so happy to start secondary school and managed to gain descent marks even though I was late in the year.

In the second term, I managed to catch up with the others, and I scored the highest mark on the second term exam. I continued with my good performance and being at the top of my grade. I had been performing well but schools fees were a major problem. I was always sent home due to a lack of school fees.   I had a $74 dollar balance that I was unable to pay.  I would remain at home for weeks until I could take a small amount of money or else my grandmother would accompany me to school to meet the principal and ask him to be patient with me and let me continue without payment. This would not last long as after a week or two my principal would send me home again for money.

I was so grateful when people donated to Education is Power to pay my $120 per year secondary school fees.  I am so happy to have graduated and now have a possibility to pursue higher education that will surely allow me to succeed and plow the education back into my community.

Thank you very much,


More Information below added from Freshiah November 26, 2009

Why I wish to take the nursing program:

Note: Freshiah will no longer be joining a nursing program due to school system complications (see top of page) – stay tuned for her next update regarding her desired commerce degree

It is my hope that after I complete my secondary school education successfully I shall do a nursing course at a university or a diploma college. I have chosen this program so that I could be of help to children, HIV/AIDS sufferers, and the elderly who have lived in a lot of suffering all their life. I would prefer to work with organizations which offer medical and counseling services at no monetary charge. This is because all my life I have lived with people who are very poor and vulnerable.

I also do not wish to see other girls go through what I myself have gone through. Alongside nursing I would like to study counseling as I have discovered that much of the suffering in almost all the people is on the inside rather than in the physical. I have witnessed children grow under very oppressive conditions which include child labour, abuse, malnutrition, unwanted pregnancies, early marriages and school drop outs. This has lead to a perpetuating downfall since as soon these children grow into adults who can not support their own families the cycle continues.

It will also allow me to get some kind of employment so that I can support not only my mother and siblings but also the community in my home at large. Employment is widely lacking and this has greatly increased poverty in a rapidly growing population. Average earning per person is about Kshs 50- less than a US dollar a day. The cost of living is on a steep rise from less than Kshs 100 five years ago, to Kshs 2000 today which most families can not afford. More also I like helping people who are in problems and difficulties in their life.

How the community would benefit from me taking this course:

As I have earlier indicated in my resume I would like to take a nursing program when I finish school. I believe serving in the medical field would go far in alleviating the suffering my community goes through. Serving as a nurse will enable me for example to help lessen the suffering of HIV/AIDS patients, orphans and malnourished persons. I would like to be apart of people fighting to eradicate preventable diseases which attack the communities in rural areas. I would prefer to work with the government and other agencies which strive to provide free medical care as the community is full of people who cannot afford medicals bills even if they are asked to pay Kshs 20 for cost sharing. Thus these people continue living in poverty and diseases.

Counseling skills would go deep into assisting individuals who are numerous in need of help to overcome stress, depression, trauma and rehabilitation of those coming out of drugs. In my experience, the majority of these kinds of people are youth. I believe that when one young person is helped out of this suffering and is fully recovered, this would go a long way in transforming the lives of other people who will be served by that young person. I would particularly wish to establish a girls center which would cater for destitute girls who have potential and are highly talented.

I have noted with deep concern that too many girls fall out of the way and miss their opportunities. I know very many girls who have become child mothers, and others who have married below the age of 18 years. The same girls I am sure would have become very successful in life and would have served the community in various capacity as lawyers, doctors, teachers among others.

Why it would be impossible to take the course without outside help:

  • It would be impossible for me to take this program without somebody’s kind assistance for the following reasons:
  • I live with my grand mother who is 70 years old and poor. My mother lives in the rift valley with three siblings and is unemployed.
  • I may not be able to obtain a government loan as this is given only to about 10 thousand university students out of about 300 000 students who leave high school. The government and several other agencies offer scholarships to highly successful students only about 20 of them per year. It is also quite difficult to reach to these agencies.
  • I have not been paying for my living expenses for I have been relying on well-wishers and distant relatives who also happen to be unemployed.
  • I have no savings whatsoever as I am only 15 years old and the law does not allow me to be employed or work to earn money as this comments to child labour. More so a student and I can not get time to work for money because I need a lot of time for studying.

Future goals

First of all I would like to set an example for other girls to emulate in school, college and in the community. Girl education has lagged behind that of boys in my country.

I plan also to work for those suffering most as a medical doctor and if not as a nurse.

I wish to get a well paying job with the government or any other agencies so that I can both support myself, my family and others in the community.

I plan also serve as a volunteer in assisting other boys and girls in obtaining a high level of education.

I believe volunteering is important as there is a lot to do to improve things, and not enough people doing it. It is also important because the majority of people are poor and can not afford to pay for the expert services.

Photo: Freshiah with Education is Power application, October 2009, Matathia, Kenya


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