Chris Wekesa – Student of Education is Power

Chris Wamalwa Wekesa – Student of Education is Power

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Program:  Diploma in Journalism at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya as of June 27, 2013

Course cost:  $740 per year (not including books or living expenses)

Brief intro of Chris:

Hello, my full name is Chrispus Wekesa Wamalwa. I am the second born in the family of eight, five brothers and two sisters. I am from rural part Bungoma in western Kenya near the Ugandan border.

Since October 13 2004, we have been raised solely by my mother and therefore with all these responsibilities it has been very difficult. My father was the bread winner in the family and since his departure things have never been the same again. The family resources can not sustain both my educational requirements and family needs since we have just a small piece of land and the type of farming is just for subsistence. I live in an extended family consisting of my paternal grandparents and my two uncles. Both of my uncles seem to have concentrated on their own children making us less equal in the community. My elder brother seems to have given up on life judging by the activities he is involved in now. My immediate young brother is mentally challenged and this has been a very big challenge to the family, especially when it comes to allocating family responsibilities.

My mother, who was a business lady before loosing her whole shipment of clothes in the post election violence of 2007-08. She had always played a very important role in our lives but now she seems to be pessimistic. Very sadly, in May 2013 certain gangs invaded my home village burning down my family home and murdering my grandfather.  

Reasons for continuing with my education:

I always feel I have something to offer to my Kenyan community and the only way to do it is first by gaining knowledge. I want to be my people’s watch dog when it comes to sharing of the national cake. In the current society, you may experience very stiff competition from educated people however bright your ideas may be. By taking journalism as a career, I am intending to unearth all injustices in society, be their mirror and make them be heard where they are neglected. For me to be able to realize my dream, I must further my education and broaden my thinking abilities to convert my dreams into realities. Finally, it seems my family has taken the wrong a path and I feel am responsible in turning their diminishing hopes into a good quality of life.

I believe education is the best gift in life and it is only through education that the marginalized community will rise up. I am also intending to support the less fortunate in the community to help them realize their dreams. I intend to enlighten the whole community on the importance of education especially the girl child who has been neglected more so in rural Kenya. The moral standards of my community is not up to standards largely due to drinking habits especially youths and I feel betrayed whenever they represent my community in any meeting.

My Future Goals:

I want to be a social/environmental journalist in order to deal with social injustices that are rampant in our daily lives. Environment is life and I believe we are not doing enough to sustain it, therefore I will use my environmental knowledge to highlight the risks should we misuse our natural world. Journalism deals with people directly and thus I will act as a link between the government, NGO’s, and my community to ensure equal distribution of national wealth.


I have worked with KENVO (Kijabe Environment Volunteers) as a volunteer since April 2011 to date. Before I used to volunteer as a primary school teacher in my village for one and a half years. Volunteering is great because it gives someone a lot of experience in different fields and allows one to giving back to his/her community. It also nurtures leadership skills in specific fields.

Thank you very much and God Bless You,

Chris Wekesa – Student of Education is Power 

Bungoma, Kenya





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