Dorcas Njeri

Dorcas Njeri, student of Mbua-ini Secondary, Matathia, Kenya

Dorcas Njeri

Hello my name is Dorcas.  I was born in 1997 and brought up in Koibatek District in Rift valley by my parents. I attended Athinai Primary School. My parents lived in Koibatek until January 2008 when the post election violence broke and we had to run for our lives. Since then we moved to Nyahururu which was more safe and I joined another school there. It was then that my father became a casual laborer and our lives changed completely. We stayed in Nyahururu for one year and half and later moved to Magina village in Kijabe, Lari District in the year 2010. My sisters and I joined Kago primary school to continue with our studies.
In 2011 I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam and attained 226 marks. Since those grades were not very good and my parents didn’t have money to support me to join secondary school I decided to repeat  in 2012 I scored 263 marks. I was invited to join either Bongo Girls Secondary or Kinale High School. I opted to join Bongo Girls and my parents weren’t able to raise the $400 it cost for this boarding school.  The amount we could raise was only $95. Unfortunately the school could not accept me stay in school even after my parents had paid the $95. They severally pleaded with the Head teacher for me to stay but I was not allowed. I stayed at home for nine months and my dream appeared to be shattered.  I am so grateful Education is Power stepped in to help me attend Mbau-ini Secondary day school where I must pay $130 yearly.

My dream:

I have a dream, a dream to become a doctor so that I can help those suffering from different diseases in my community and in my country. This will also help me to support my family and other needy people in my community.

Appeal for support:

I appeal for support since my parents are not able to support me. Since we were displaced from our home in Koibatek my parents now rely on casual labor and not every day and are paid only $2 per day which is only enough to feed us but cannot be enough for the school fees.


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