About Samuel’s project – Community Volunteers Service Kenya:

Community Volunteers Service Kenya (CVSK)

(EIP student Samuel Wakang’u is the founding director of CVSK).

CVSK PHOTOPhoto:  Samuel Wakang’u (second from left) with CVSK members

CVSK is a non-profit youth development initiative that is non-political and non-racial.  It is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) with the Kenyan government. CVSK spans across many issues designed to empower Kenyan youth to become engaged in community development and environmental sustainability.  CVSK envisions well mobilized youth with an enriched livelihood, available resources, improved literacy rates, intercultural understanding, and a passion to ensure environmental sustainability. The mission is to promote and improve the livelihoods of Kenyan youth while ensuring environmental sustainability.  This mission is achieved by providing information and opportunities that connect education, environment, employment, and personal growth leading to sustainable development.


  • To initiate networking among youth of different cultural and social backgrounds thus enhancing peace and intercultural understanding.
  • To improve education among youth at all levels thus increasing literacy levels.
  • To raise awareness on the value and importance of a sustainable environment.
  • To promote and support socio-economic activities that are environmentally friendly and youth oriented.
  • To provide inter-cultural learning experiences and opportunities for Kenyan youth to explore new parts of Kenya thus developing respect for other cultures.

CVSK main activities include:

  • Conduct local, national and international youth work camps (A work camp is a short term voluntary project that generally brings together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work together on needed projects for sustainable development in a particular community)
  • Run environmental education and outreach programs for primary and secondary schools.
  • Implement environmental activities such as tree planting and community clean-up gatherings.
  • Organize career planning workshops and community sports events.
  • Organize informative youth/community workshops and debates.
  • Help people initiate income generating activities such as rearing pigs, sheep, chickens, and growing vegetable produce.
  • Administer and assist in research activities for university students or other researchers

Samuel Wakang’u is a founding student of Education is Power (EIP).  Thanks to EIP, Samuel was able to begin a Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education at Kenyatta University in January 2009.  He completed the degree in December 2012 and as of January 2013 he began his first year of a two year Master’s program in Environmental Studies (Community Development).  While in university, Samuel has been deeply involved in initiating Community Volunteers Service Kenya (CVSK).  In July 2013, Samuel was delighted to learn he was the winner of the Canada World Youth Outstanding Overseas Leadership Award for his work with CVSK.

The Canada World Youth (CWY) Leadership Awards is an annual award that recognizes the outstanding achievements of young Canadians and youth from around the world who are engaged in initiatives that promote sustainable development at local or international levels. The objectives of the Leadership Awards are to:  call attention to the important role that youth leaders play in their communities; provide additional financial and promotional support to innovative youth-led projects; and provide an opportunity for the laureates to share the impact, the successes and the challenges of their projects with their peers across Canada. A cash prize of $3,000 and a plaque of recognition are awarded to each of the three laureates. The prize money is to be used to support the project of the laureate.  The three awards are:  The Outstanding Canadian Award, The Outstanding Overseas Award, and The Youth Innovation Award.

For more on Samuel Wakang’u go here.


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