Mission & Objectives

 Mission of Education is Power: 

Through education, we are dedicated to develop the potential in underprivileged East Africans who are committed to the sustainable development and natural conservation of Africa.

We achieve this through providing education opportunities to East Africans at East African secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Stand up for UN Millennium Development Goals -EIP campaign kimende kenya


  • We identify young people who are already contributing to the welfare of their communities as volunteers.
  • These students are also identified by our partners as individuals who will give back to their community and country.
  • Follow ups and evaluation programs are designed to ensure that students are contributing to our mission.
  • Mentorship and guidance programs and other support are initiated by our partners and experienced students of Education is Power.
  • Students must also give back to Education is Power (EIP) to allow future students to study.  They do this through fundraising and time they donate to EIP with mentorship for younger students.
  • A percentage comes out of the student’s salary once he or she begins to work – therefore other students have the same chance they did and we are sustainable.
  • Students of EIP must financially contribute to their educational costs in some way.  We believe this ensures them to fully understand and appreciate the value of their education.
  • Students of EIP make visits to local primary and secondary schools to provide encouragement for future opportunities with Education is Power.  At these visits we educate the importance of the United Nations millennium development goals (8 goals signed by 192 countries to achieve a better world by the year 2015 –www.un.org/millenniumgoals), we also focus on other topics such as career planning, local environmental conservation, and intercultural understanding.
  • With our partners in East Africa we find the neediest students, as well as the students that have the most potential to help their communities.

maasai kids

Photo: Students on their 6 km (one way) walk to Lokusero Primary School in Laikipia, Kenya (Where one of our partner’s is located)

 Objectives and Values

1) Promote peace tolerance and intercultural understanding

  • In Canada and other countries we offer global awareness programs for primary and secondary classes where we  facilitate letter writing exchanges to schools in Africa and students of EIP.
  • In our global awareness programs we help to identify and stop forms of oppression as well as create awareness for Education is Power through fundraising activities.
  • In East Africa, students of EIP and other EIP volunteers make visits to schools to address important issues such as ethnic stereotypes, and how prejudices and discrimination lead to serious conflicts (e.g. The Kenyan election violence of 2007).

2) Ensure environmental harmony & sustainability

  • Students of Education is Power must demonstrate how they will help ensure environmental harmony and sustainability with their future careers and goals.  
  • We support students presently involved in volunteering with local organizations where they work towards environmental harmony and sustainability.   
  • Educate environmental conservation during school visits.  
  • We Support and work with East African organizations involved in environmental conservation work. 
  • We promote environmental conservation as the backbone for economic progress and better livlihoods in Africa.

3) Promote gender equality and empower women

  • Female students are encouraged to apply to Education is Power and receive special consideration to allow equality.
  • We educate why gender equality and women empowerment is a very important issue during school visits and other presentations.
  • We promote reducing rapid population growth across Africa by increasing women’s education opportunities.
  • We support and gain advice from East African organizations involved in empowering women.

EIP Collage 2013 no footer

We believe that we can change the world through education, empowerment, and inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Mission & Objectives

  1. I support your prject and i believe which you have taken is the way to success and poverty eradication in Africa

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