Partners of Education is Power


Photo: Local partners provide invaluable connections such as in the photo above where EIP representatives Robyn Penfold (left) and Dave Cuddy (second to right), met EIP student Nantana and her family at their home in the remote region of Laikipia North, Kenya.

Through working with our local partners in East Africa, we can demonstrate that education empowers youth to bring change to their communities. In becoming an East African partner of EIP, organizations must display their local impact, connections and trustworthiness. This is proven through their existing track record along with references and awards backing them. Our principle East African partners have glowing references with Canada World Youth (CWY), which is an international education program affiliated with the government of Canada.

East African partners provide mentors for EIP prospective students, helping them find practical educational programs that will benefit the long-term resiliency of their community and country. These mentors also provide ongoing support for students, enabling EIP to carry out its administration, outreach, as well as other initiatives.

KENVO (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers)

 Located 50km NW of Nairobi, Kenya


KENVO manages projects in forest restoration, community awareness, and technical capacity building for other groups. It also conducts surveys to monitor local forests, supports farmers in developing income-generating projects, and helps local communities interpret government policies on natural resources.

The founding students of Education is Power are dedicated volunteers of KENVO. Since KENVO really believes in the ideas behind EIP, they have been supporting us greatly and even on a volunteer basis. EIP could not have came to be without the support of KENVO.

KENVO has an active EIP committee composed local Kenyans who believe in the power of education. The committee meets regularly to discuss issues and new ideas for Education is Power. They also help in student recruitment and selection of new students, fundraising, and relations with other east African partners. Ultimately, these dedicated Kenyan volunteers aim to establish a country office for Education is Power, and see EIP grow to a size that would require permanent staff positions.

Dave Cuddy (Canadian co-founder of EIP) had a chance to visit the KENVO Centre for the first time in February 2007, during his Canada World Youth experience. He and other Canadian EIP volunteers have since visited KENVO on numerous occasions.

As a whole KENVO has contributed greatly to EIP. They have created a self-sufficient entity of Education is Power in Kenya, whose members collaborate with their Canadian EIP counterparts through regular Skype meetings.

KENVO is also a partner of Canada World Youth. Click here for more information on KENVO as described by Canada World Youth.

Click here to visit KENVO’s webpage.

Uvikiuta Youth Development

Located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania cwy team 2014

Photo: An Uvikiuta – Canada World Youth team in Parakuyo Tanzania learns about Education Is Power.

Uvikiuta is a Tanzanian non-profit organization that focuses on youth empowerment. Their projects focus on income generation, employment, nutrition, volunteerism, and cultural exchange. They also have an eco-village project at the Uvikiuta centre in Chamazi, Dar es Salaam.

Education Is Power has been working with Uvikiuta through its Canada World Youth cultural exchanges, supporting lasting community initiatives of Tanzanian youth participants. EIP recognizes the efforts of these young Tanzanians, and provides education opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. The goal is that the enhanced knowledge and credibility gained through education will empower these youth to become influential leaders of change in their communities.

In 2006-07, Dave Cuddy (Canadian EIP co-founder), first gained contact with Uvikiuta when he spent three months volunteering at the Uvikiuta Centre near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Uvikiuta is also a partner of Canada World Youth. Click here to read more on Uvikiuta as described by Canada World Youth.

Laikipia North, Kenyan Maasai Community

Located 250km North of Nairobi, Kenya

Laikipia Empowerment week partial group shot

Photo: EIP representatives and organizers of this Laikipia empowerment week, Benjamin Kuraru (back, right) and Kate Sunabacka (centre) pose with other community members involved in this favourite activity of EIP students from Laikipia North, Kenya. 

Education Is Power has been working in Laikipia North since 2009 which was roughly one year after EIP began. This remote Maasai community in North Central Kenya holds a dear place in our hearts. Tucked away from the Nanyuki highway down roads that are beyond rough, through the elephant’s savannah, over the rolling hills of Mukogodo forest, and under the shadow of Mount Kenya, lies Nadangoro, the settlement where Canadian EIP members first made connections with this region.

Laikipia North encompasses 40,000 people spread out in remote settlements, largely without running water or electricity. Of these 40,000 people, less than 50 people have a university degree and fewer than ten people have attained their masters.

Since primary school is considered reasonably accessible (due to Kenya’s adoption of universal primary education in 2003), Education Is Power has partnered with two primary schools in the region, where EIP works together with principals and teachers to offer opportunities beyond primary school. We also strive to improve the quality of public education. Since 2009 EIP has given 21 Laikipia children the chance to go to high school, employed two local primary teachers, and set up on going extra-curricular empowerment activities.

We are yet to send our first student from this community to post-secondary studies despite the fact that we have supported 18 post-secondary students in other parts of Kenya and Tanzania. There are a number of hurdles to get through to realize our first post-secondary students from Laikipia North. However, we are hopeful that 2016 is the year we will see this change. Given our demands in other regions, this is no easy feat at roughly $2700 per year for post-secondary tuition and living costs.

This partnership was made possible due to the connections that were established between Canadian EIP Co-founder Dave Cuddy, and Canada World Youth alumni from Laikipia North, Kenya: Kuntai Karmushu and Dickson Ropot.


2 thoughts on “Partners

  1. Iam a student at kapsabet bible college.Thank you for the good work God has enabled you to do.I am one of those people who agree that education is power and iam personaly moving on to get this power though with alot of struggles.I am praying for you and all your plans thankyou God bless you.

  2. I am impressed with your work.I would like to know if it Is possible to Partner with you and build non-profit spécial school near Nairobi for needy orphans abd children with physical challenges.Land is available.

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