Elementary Activities

Extension Activities for Your Elementary Classroom

We really appreciate you taking the time to have us into your classroom to share about education is East Africa. We wanted to share this list of books, links and extension activities that you can use with your classroom.


Mama Panya’s Pancakes, A Village Tale from Kenya

mama pWritten by Rich Chamberlin

Illustrated by Julia Cairns

This story teaches the importance of sharing even when you have very little to give.



Mama Miti

Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

A story about Wangari Matthai, a Kenyan who founded the Green Belt Movement.


For You are a Kenyan Child

kenyan ch

Written by Kelly Cunnane

Illustrated by Ana Juan

A colourful story inviting children to wonder what life would be like living in Kenya.





Can We Help? Kids Volunteering to Help Their Communities

can we helpWritten by George Ancona

Children featured in the book show the many ways they can give back to their community.






Kid’s Songs and Rhymes from Africa

Check for the MP3 and video files:  http://www.mamalisa.com/?t=e_cont&c=13

National Geographic Kids

Simple easy to read facts about Kenya as well as videos and games.


Time for Kids

Students can click on words to learn the Swahili or read a story of the day in the life of a student.


Google Earth

Take a virtual field trip using google Earth.  You can provide students with a  list of places to travel to or go as a group.

Reflection Questions


Here are some questions to use with your class either for journals, circle time or group or partner discussions. When working with small groups or partners you could cut up the questions and put them in a bag or have the students create a question for their peers too.

  1. What was the thing that most surprised you from the presentation?
  2. What is different about going to school in East Africa?
  3. What things are the same about going to school in East Africa?
  4. Why do you think it is important that students get to go to high school?


Extension Activities


Make a Multicultural Graph

  • You can use the ethnicities, favourite ethnic foods in your class. Display the graphs around the classroom and encourage students to discuss the celebrations and special events of their heritage.

Make “Wishes for the World” Mobiles

  • Have students make draw pictures and print slogans about real changes that they would like to see in the school, community and the world. Hang them in the classroom or in the school.

Consider Pen Pals

  • If you are interested in getting more involved with EIP, we can help set you up with pen pals for your school year or arrange a skype call with one of our EIP students.

Make a Class Action Plan

Whether it is about this issue or another the steps go like so:

  1. Find out what your students are passionate about changing.
  2. Learn more about it together
  3. Make a plan
  4. Take Action!

Check out how students at Lakewood Elementary School in Langford, B.C sold popcorn to help make a difference.