How to Donate

To understand how money is handled see our FAQ

Education Is Power is a charitable organization registered by Revenue Canada. Our charity number is 84627 9693 RR0001.

We have a Canadian bank account with The Bank of Montreal and we provide tax receipts for all donations. Canadian tax payers can save a lot of money while donating to a great cause! For example, a Canadian could donate $450 (equivalent to one year’s fees to attend a Kenyan public high school), and receive $207* back from the government.

*Note: This was calculated as per BC’s provincial charitable tax rebate rate combined with the national charitable rebate. Charitable tax rebates vary from province to province but all are quite similar.


Options for donating to Education Is Power:

1) As of September 2015, Canadians can now donate via email money transfers to

2) Donate to Education Is Power online through PayPal – Please include your name, address and email for a tax receipt.

Note: Paypal deducts 1.9% before the deposit reaches our account hence direct deposits and cheques are better if possible.

3) Go to any Bank of Montreal location in Canada and donate with no fees deducted.

Account Name:  East Africa Education Trust or Education is Power

Bank of Montreal Branch:  Perth, Ontario
Contact if any more banking details are required.

Please ask the teller to note your name with the donation. Also please contact us with your name, address and email so we can issue your tax receipt.

Note: East Africa Education Trust is our legal name and Education Is Power is our trade name.

4) Mail a cheque or money order payable to Education Is Power to the following address:

Education Is Power
c/o David Cuddy
5-5177 William Head Road
Victoria, B.C.
V9C 4H5

Note: To cut costs we prefer to email tax receipts so please provide your email address with your cheque or via email.

International Donations:

If you are from the United States, mailing a cheque to the above address is the best option. Otherwise PayPal works well depending on the size of the donation (1.9% of the donation is deducted by PayPal). Mailing a money order is an assured method. As well, cheques will work from certain countries (please email to confirm if a cheque would work).

There may be higher fees to wire the money to our account but if it is necessary there are two options for wiring money internationally:

a) U.S. Funds into Canada from anywhere
b) Canadian Funds coming into Canada from anywhere
(This can also be done in Euros or other major currencies)
Contact for our international banking details.
If you are from Kenya or Tanzania and would like to make a deposit directly into our Kenyan or Tanzanian bank account please contact us for the details.


 Questions about donating to Education Is Power? – Contact Us

We are all volunteers and need your help to continue.

Thank You!



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