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May 31st, 2016

Empowerment Week Brings Students Together


Another successful empowerment week in Kimende, Kenya brought 22 high school students together over their Spring Break.  During this empowerment week students had a chance  to receive extra academic support, engage with post-secondary students and try out some fun team building activities.

Three times a year students get together like this with the help of both graduated and current post-secondary students who take the lead in organizing and ensuring these weeks happen.

Stephen with students

Stephen Nyutu, EIP volunteer and graduate pictured with Grade 9 students on a group hike.

These weeks provide an opportunity for both academic and social growth. Students are able to get help from tutors which provides them with a unique opportunity to have more personalized support.  Post-secondary students provide workshops and mentorship.  The connections made during these gatherings are incredibly valuable as some of these high school students may be the first to go on to high school in their family. Senior students act as excellent supports to those just starting out.


Madam Leah conducting a workshop on career planning.

Participating students are thankful for all of the volunteers that helped put this event together.  They have gone back into their second term more refreshed and ready to face the challenges that await them.





February 15th, 2016


Bright and Hopeful Students Seeking a Chance at Secondary  School

With a new school year on its way in Kenya we are sorting through dozens of excellent applications from young people who are hopeful to carve out a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Jedidah, pictured above with her grandmother at their home in Kiambu County, Kenya is hoping she will have the opportunity to join high school this term.  She lives with her grandparents and three siblings and could be the first in her family to attend secondary school.  She dreams of working in a career helping the elderly and being able to support her younger siblings. The cost of her education is $22 Canadian a month but with her grandparents barely able to meet the family’s basic needs through farm labour, this cost is unattainable to them without outside help.

Secondary School can cost as little as $22 a month, a cost that is unattainable for our applicants’ families.  Please take a moment to see these amazing youth and their stories.  We hope you will consider sponsoring a student for a term or year. In return, we can send you a picture and an update of their progress.  Your generosity could forever change the direction of a person’s life.

Mercy Wanjira

Mercy Wanjira


Mercy is from Mathathia, Kenya and lives with her parents and three other siblings. She wants to be a nurse  because she notices many gaps in the current  health care system.  She is looking for help to start secondary school this month.




MosesMoses Kamanu

Moses is in his third year of secondary school but due to lack of school fees, he has not been able to report to school.  Moses dream of becoming a journalist and writes “This career will not only help me but help the community at large.  I would like to bring to  light places that face challenges such as hunger, natural disasters and inaccessibility to education”.




Susan WambuiSusan Wambui

Susan is entering her second year of secondary school but her parents with 7 other children can not pay her school fees. Susan currently volunteers as a chairperson for guidance and counselling in her community as this is a passion of hers.  She hopes she can finish secondary school.




Please consider donating today.  We accept general donations and are also happy to accommodate if people wish to sponsor a specific student. To find out here visit our How to Donate Page.

September 21st, 2015


Canadian Youth Can Make a Difference

A matching funds initiative has been set up to motivate Canadian youth.  With every $1 that is raised through Canadian classrooms or youth groups, the Karen and Fred Green Foundation will match that donation by $3 for up to $8250 in youth driven fundraising before December 1st, 2015.  Fortunately, EIP had an uplifting head start when the campaign kicked off last May in Haliburton, Ontario. The charity was awe-struck when Haliburton Highlands Secondary rallied their school and community to raise over $5000 for EIP! These Canadian students gained incredible experience working with their community and had direct contact with East African students during the process.

With a little over $2500 left to raise before December 2015, our goal is to find 25 classes or youth groups who are committed to raise $100 each.  This would create a ripple effect bringing in $10,000 to enable dedicated East African students to attend school.

 The money raised will enable the following initiatives:

  • Support five new post-secondary students and 16 new secondary students in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Fund empowerment programs in which supported students meet with local role models and engage in volunteer activities on school holidays.
  • Employ two new primary teachers at the overcrowded Chumvi Primary School in Laikipia North, Kenya.
  • Support EIP’s current 19 high school students and seven college/university students who do not have sponsors and rely on EIP’s continual fundraising efforts.

Robyn and Dave 5

EIP volunteers Dave Cuddy and Robyn Penfold love to visit Canadian classes and share their experiences about school and life in East Africa. They can do class presentations, provide teaching materials, and connect Canadian youth with their East African counterparts through Skype or letter writing exchanges. When young people reach out across continents to help each other, it is humbling how much can be learned.

August 30th, 2015


Yoro Nakoussi sharing stories and music from West Africa.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our event on August 21st in Vancouver, B.C.  It was amazing to have the energetic support of the ADSR crew who put together some amazing food, drinks and music.  We can’t thank them enough!  We are looking forward to working together in the future and feel inspired by all the positive support that came from this event.



Delicious curry, kachumbari and chai served up by the ADSR crew.

March 26th, 2015

Naari girls March 2015 returning to school 

Photo: EIP students in their second year of high school; Elizabeth Moidi, Ruth Nasore and Margaret Shiro take a break from the books to pose. 

 EIP Welcomes Eleven New Students

In Canada, September is the month where carefree summer days are replaced with the back to school hustle and bustle.  However, January and February are officially the “back to school” months in Kenya.  Our volunteers were very busy processing applications, administering school fees and generally making sure the transition for our new and continuing secondary school students went as seamlessly as possible.

As secondary school costs in Kenya and it is unattainable for many families, it is very exciting that we are able to help eleven new students go to secondary school this year. All of the students selected to be sponsored by EIP showed a keen interest in furthering their education and bettering their families and communities.  It will be exciting over the next four years to witness their growth with the opportunity to go to school.

Eleven New Students to Enjoy the Opportunity to go to School that they Deserve

With secondary school a given in Canada, we often take it for granted. We are always moved by keen young students that are trying their best to figure out a way to further their education with the hope of better themselves, their families and their communities. All of these students have a story and we wish them the best as they pursue their studies this year and beyond!

Brandy Moraa and Leah Mbogoh  will be attending Lumar Girls Secondary School.  These students have been selected through a new partnership that Education is Power has made with the Tumaini Education Trust from Isiolo, Kenya. This organization runs a primary school that supports students and families infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. It works towards giving the students the confidence and life skills to take care of themselves and their families in a dignified way. We are now very happy to help Tumaini Education Trust support these students through secondary school.
FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]

Photos above:  Student Brandy Moraa and Leah Mbogah from Tumaini Education Trust. 

EIP helps more students from Lari, Kenya of Kiambu County:

Justus Ikaba will be attending Kirenga Boys day School.  He is the 6th born of 9 and currently lives with his grandparents as his parents are deceased.

Peter Wainana will be attending Kimende Area Day School. He currently lives with his grandparents.

Peter Wainana and family

Photo above: Peter Wainana (to the left of his Grandmother) and his family in the village of Mitathia, Kenya.

Kelvin  Mwaniki  will be attending Kimende Area Day School.  He is the third born of 5 and lives with his single mother, a farmer.   Her wages are at times not enough to pay for their basic expenses so school fees would be out of the question without sponsorship.

Kelvin MwanikiPhoto above: Kelvin Mwaniki in Form 8. 

Rosemary Wanjeci will be attending Kagwe Girls Boarding School. She did exceptionally well on her primary exit exams. She lives with her parents who are subsistence farmers. They currently pay for her elder brothers and sister to go to school so they are not able to pay her fees. She hopes to be a lecturer at a high school or University when she finishes school.

 Lokusero High School launched in February, 2015

We have 3 new students attending the newly built Lokusero high school in Laikipia North, Kenya. This school was completed so that students in this area would have an option to attend school closer to home. This has been a very long and awaited project that only came together by persistent work from community members headed by EIP’s Laikipia Chairman Kip Ntere.

The students attending Lokosero High School are Juliana Nashipai, Loishurua Francis L. and Hemason Sakui.  We closely work with Lokusero primary school to sponsor a teacher in this school to increase the quality of education.  We look forward to working with the high school as well.

Juliana Nashipai for websitePhoto: New EIP student Juliana Nashipai dresses in her Lokusero Secondary School uniform ready to begin her studies.

We have 2 new students attending Nanyuki Youth Poly Technic School; Nancy Renika Lait and Grace Millan Kawai.  This will be a 2 year program in vocational training.

nancy renica lait March 2015 for webstie

Photo above:  EIP student Nancy Renika Lait outside her home in Daiga. 

Education is Power is looking for people who are interested in sponsoring students all the way through their secondary school career, or through a year or even through one semester.  Supporting a student through a semester can cost between $60-160.  The amount can be so varied because some students are required to board as there is no school in walking distance.

Allowing these students the opportunity to go to school will make a major positive impact on their lives and  benefit their families and communities as well!

October 6, 2014

And the winner is…..

WE Day stage Photo: Canadian Living Me to We 2014 award winners including EIP’s Dave Cuddy 

What an honour to receive the Me to We Educator Award through Canadian Living magazine. Along with five other winners in different categories, Education is Power (EIP) founding director Dave Cuddy was recognized for the Educator Award on stage in front of 20,000 people at WE Day in Toronto. WE Day is a day filled with inspiration and empowerment for students and educators who have been engaged in making a better world both locally and globally via the Me to We humanitarian organization. Me to We has a partnership with Canadian Living magazine to celebrate ordinary Canadians who make an extraordinary difference in the world. This year was the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Living Me to We Awards. EIP and Dave are committed to using the publicity associated with this award to increase EIP’s reach, involving more Canadian schools and supporting more African students. We believe that an important next step will be to secure matching funds. We are looking to identify an investor willing to match the dollars raised by our Canadian schools.

Dave received a full page article in the October issue of Canadian Living which can be seen here: October 2014 Canadian Living article on Dave Cuddy and EIP.

DSCF6328 Photo: American Hip Hop Artist Kendrick Lamar performs his new single “I” for the first time in front of a live audience at WE Day in Toronto.

DSCF6332 Photo: Musician Kendrick Lamar likes the sounds of Education is Power and poses with Dave Cuddy

DSCF6321 Photo: WE Day and Free The Children Co-founder Craig Kielburger (right) with Dave Cuddy. Dave hopes to work together with Craig to launch EIP’s dormitory project at a remote primary school in North Central Kenya. 

IMG_1378Photo: While in Ontario to be recognized for the award, EIP’s Robyn Penfold and Dave Cuddy went to Haliburton Highlands Secondary to keep students updated on their amazing work for EIP. Haliburton Highlands has raised over $6000 for EIP!! We were also impressed with the lovely EIP mural a student painted!

September 16, 2014

Education is Power sets sights on a dormitory / feeder school project – AND NEEDS HELP

So far EIP has been focused on raising money purely to enable disadvantaged east African leaders to go to school in their own country – and we will continue to do this noble work! But now we are excited to step into a new realm of establishing a tangible building project that will greatly benefit thousands of needy Kenyan children. If EIP can raise $60,000 dollars (CAD) to put to the project we can work together with the Kenyan government to build and manage a modern yet basic dormitory and a temporary mud walled school house.

The dorm would house 200 grade 6 to 8 students at Chumvi Primary School in a remote region of Laikipia North, Kenya. With the project we would also have the local community come together to construct a temporary mud walled “feeder school” which would be for students from kindergarten to grade three. This school would be built in a different location which would greatly reduce small children’s long walk to school. The initial money for the feeder school would be spent to staff the teachers and within five years a modern school would be built.

4Photo:  EIP’s Robyn Penfold with students on the up to 11km (one way) daily trip to Chumvi Primary School in Kenya. EIP is excited to launch a new project to build a boarding facility at the school.

We believe that once we initiate the dorm/feeder school project and document our successes we will be in a good position to receive larger funding to allow us to make a wider impact and become more sustainable. Please help us take Education is Power to the next level.

For more on our dormitory / feeder school project click here

EIP continues to focus on making meaningful connections with Canadian schools

It’s September so we are reaching out to gain support from new Canadian schools as well as rekindling the amazing support we had from the schools we worked with last year. Last school year we were able to raise more than $10,000 at 9 different schools in BC and Ontario. This enabled us to keep our 30+ east African students in school. It’s amazing what these young students can achieve when they put their mind to it and come together.

Thank so much to the following schools that supported EIP:

Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, John Oliver Secondary, Take A Hike Vancouver,  Matthew McNair Secondary, Prince of Wales Secondary, Ecole Phoenix Middle School, Carhi Secondary, Ecole Andre Piolat, and PDCI Secondary.

We really appreciate all the help and guidance you’ve given us throughout our project. You have inspired us to care about the world outside our happy Vancouver bubble. You have also shown us that with hard work, dedication and passion we can actually make a difference”.

Endless thanks,

Jules, Aryan, and Zoe
Grade 11 students at Prince of Wales Secondary

PW MiniPhoto: EIP Director Dave Cuddy and founding student Samuel Wakang’u with students from Prince of Wales Secondary at UBC in Vancouver when Samuel won a global leadership award. 

523Photo: John Oliver School in Vancouver supported EIP with all of their proceeds from their annual Multicultural Show

Barb's classPhoto: The leadership class at Ecole Phoenix Middle School in Campbell River, BC showed a great deal of leadership as they studied EIP and then held various fundraisers throughout the school year.

haliburtonPhoto: EIP Educational Officer Robyn Penfold (left back) with Haliburton Highlands Secondary in Ontario, who had an amazing week of events for EIP from throwing pies at teachers to radio shows to create awareness and get local business involved. 

Our plea for a matching funds investor:

Since 2008 EIP has worked very hard to raise nearly $100,000 which has enabled us to support 38 students to high school and university in both Kenya and Tanzania. Currently we need to raise $26,000 per year to keep our current number of students in school (and our teacher teaching at Lokusero Primary). Raising this money alone is a huge challenge so if we are going to make this dorm project of an additional $35,000 succeed we need to find a serious investor(s). We are proposing for investors to agree to a matching dollar for dollar campaign with Canadian schools. That way every dollar that Canadian schools raise we would have investors match that dollar. This would go a long way in fulfilling EIP’s ideals to engage Canadian youth (or other wealthy countries) in learning more about global issues and becoming responsible global citizens.

Please email if you have any leads or advice about seeking an investor for this project or if you would like to get involved in another way.

EIP runs second round of volunteer tutoring weeks in Kenya

“Empower one who can empower others” that is the motto of EIP and our volunteer tutoring weeks are helping bring this motto to a reality. In August EIP held two volunteer weeks for EIP students at two locations in Kenya (Kijabe Lari District and Laikipia North). These one week sessions happen three times per year while high school students are on their break. Older students tutor younger students and community members get involved as well so that we can offer more advanced tutoring and career counselling seminars. EIP students also get involved volunteering in the community during these weeks. To be an EIP student in east Africa students must document their volunteering initiatives to continue to gain support. Stipends are paid to post-secondary aged students who go above and beyond.

websitecover cropped

Photo: During Education is Power volunteer week students Peter, Freshiah and Monica are giving back to their community by maintaining at a tree nursery that helps regenerate deforested areas and acts as an income generating project for a local conservation non-profit Kijabe Environment Volunteers.

Read more in the recent EIP newsletter here

June 16, 2014

A Campbell River, BC news article recently came out on Education is Power: that helped promote two successful events we had in the Campbell River area.  One event was a short presentation on EIP at Strathcona Park Lodge combined with guest speakers to talk on Oil Development and Democracy issues and the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline recently approved to be built to Canada’s west Coast.  The other event was a more in depth talk and slideshow on EIP at the Campbell River Library. The events have helped create awareness to get more people involved in Education is Power fundraisers this coming fall season.

June 12, 2014

Education is Power Co-founder Dave Cuddy will have to wait until the October issue of Canadian Living magazine to see if he won the Me to We – Canadian Living Educator Award.  He feels very honoured to have been one of the three finalists in this Canada wide award.  The timing of the magazine article will coincide with the annual North American wide We Day youth empowerment events organized by Me to We (Free the Children charity). Voting for the award closed June 6th. Thank very much to all those who voted. To see last years winners go to

Two events are happening in Campbell River, British Columbia – June 15 (8pm at Strathcona Park Lodge) and June 18th (6:30pm at the Campbell River Library)

June 1, 2014

Education is Power founder Dave Cuddy has recently been shortlisted for an award with Me to We that recognizes Canadians doing extraordinary things to change the world. If he wins the award he will receive $3000 to be donated to Education is Power as well as publicity in Canadian Living Magazine. The $3000 prize will support several African youth through a year of school, and it will give Education is Power valuable publicity and fundraising potential.  Please take one minute out of your day and vote for him. If you feel comfortable, share this as well.  Just click on the following link, go to the Educator category, and vote for Dave:
(The answer to the skill testing question is 8)

Voting closes on June 6th.

April 5, 2014

Two newspaper articles in Ottawa Valley newspaper:

Radio interview with EIP Director Dave Cuddy:

Perth, Ontario Radio – Lake 88, In Focus, February 14, 2014

Two recent newsletters from EIP’s Robyn Penfold and Dave Cuddy on their six week trip in Kenya and Tanzania:
CWY TZ 2014(2)
EIP’s Robyn Penfold and Dave Cuddy teach about Education is Power and recruit volunteers  from a Canada World Youth team in Parakuyo, Tanzania – February 2014.  

January 25, 2014

It has now been almost one month since I arrived in Kenya, making it my fourth trip to East Africa (each trip has been three months long). This year there is a major difference since I didn’t come from Canada alone. This year I have been accompanied by Education is Power Trustee Robyn Penfold. Together we have been able to achieve much more then I could on my own.

We arrived just in time to celebrate the New Year with our good Kenyan friends in Kimende, Central Kenya. It didn’t take long before we adjusted and became consistently busy with our volunteer work towards Education is Power.


Photo: Visiting Freshiah’s home in Central Kenya


Photo: EIP Trustee Robyn Penfold with volunteers Kensent and Manyara

In Kimende, we met with new high school students Monica, Dorcas and Peter (along with their families). We also met with our existing students in high school and post-secondary studies. This included working with EIP student Freshiah Nyokabi to help her in the complicated transition to university in Nairobi from a simple high school in rural Kenya. This was a monumental time as Freshiah was EIP’s first high school student to proceed to university. Much time has also been put into meeting with EIP volunteers from Kenya to improve the overall organization of EIP. There will be an EIP fundraiser in Kimende February 9th 2014.


Photo: Visiting Monica’s home

New sub committees are formed in Kimende, Kenya

To improve the operation of EIP we have now formed three new sub committees composed of motivated Kenyans willing to volunteer their spare time to help EIP.

1) New Students Screening Committee: Composed of EIP Co-founder David Kuria, founding student Samuel Wakang’u, and EIP Financial Officer Zipporah Mugure. This committee will establish processes to receive student applications at specific times throughout the year, and then ensure all applications are legitimate and complete before they are sent to Canada.

2) High School Mentors: Composed of EIP founding student Stephen Kamau, and EIP post-secondary students Leah Wangui and Stephen Nyutu. This committee will assist EIP high school students by resolving issues, setting up tutoring and ensuring that progress reports are submitted at the end of each term. These mentors will also assist in the transition of students proceeding to post-secondary education.

3) Fundraising Committee: Composed of founding student Samuel Wakang’u, Financial Officer Zipporah Mugure and EIP post-secondary students Joseph Kamau and Ken Kamero. This committee will ensure plans and meetings are set to initiate annual fundraising in Kenya.


Photo: EIP Director Dave Cuddy after EIP meeting at KENVO resource centre


Photo: EIP Financial Officer Zipporah Mugure at EIP meeting

Much progress made with our partners in Il Ngwesi, Kenya

In this region of Mogodogo East in Laikipia North sub-county we work with traditional Maasai pastoralists. These communities rely mainly on raising and trading livestock to earn their livelihood. Therefore paying for high school is often impossible let alone university. We are currently supporting ten Maasai students in seven different high schools. Some high schools are four hours drive apart from each other so it makes for a lot of travelling around. Right now we are working with two public primary schools (Lokusero and Chumvi), where we recruit students for high school and also help to improve the quality of education offered.


Photo: Trustee Robyn Penfold speaks Lokusero Primary School


Photo: Director Dave Cuddy runs into EIP student Paul Kisio


Photo: The walk to Chumvi Primary


Photo: Chumvi Primary

New EIP representatives are ready to help in Laikipia North

To improve our on the ground activities and communication in this remote Maasai region we have made contacts with new representatives. These representatives will assist in the administration of EIP, and work together with our founding partner KENVO over 300km away in Kijabe, Kenya (where EIP’s financial administration is based). These representatives will also help to resolve any issues with the students and their families or at their school. They will also help to recruit new students and assist with fundraising and research to improve the quality of existing education. Examples of this would be to hire a teacher at an underfunded primary school, set up tutoring for high school students, build a new school or improve existing school facilities.

On February 8th, 2014 there will be the first meeting between EIP representatives in Laikipia North and Kijabe, Kenya. EIP Trustees Dave Cuddy and Robyn Penfold from Canada will also be present.


Photo: EIP team (L-R), Dave Cuddy Kip Ole, Alex Repot, Robyn Penfold

(Profiles of Reps coming soon)


Photo: Dave sits in Chumvi Primary grade two Swahili class

November 18th, 2013

Volunteer for Africa!


Education is Power is reaching out to find more support for our East African students and also to promote our values such as cultural empathy, thinking outside the box, and volunteering to help people in need while also gaining skills and experience that will help themselves in a big way.

Not only do we want to help more East Africans go to school, EIP seeks to broaden its impact to benefit Canadian youth. This campaign especially targets Canadian primary and secondary schools. EIP is aiming to have awareness presentations across Canada. The talks so far have been initiated by EIP Director Dave Cuddy but Dave is reaching out to other Canada World Youth alumni to do similar talks that will cover key concepts about EIP while also promoting the Canada World Youth exchange program. The talks will also analyze important subjects such as stereotypes and oppression, power and money, and education.

Once Canadian school students initiate fundraising for EIP they will have opportunities for Skype meetings with EIP African students and maintain a relationship with one particular student they are helping. Canadian high school students can also receive credits to go towards the volunteer aspect of their diploma. As well, EIP related study projects are in the works that will meet Canadian curriculum requirements.

CWY team DSCF5720 DSCF5722 DSCF5771 DSCF5775 DSCF5776 DSCF5780

EIP founding student Samuel Wakang’u wins Global Leadership award


The Canada World Youth leadership awards are granted annually to three laureates. Two laureates are Canada World Youth alumni (One from Canada and one from overseas), and one laureate will receive the innovation award that is open to anyone under 35 years old.

The awards are quite prestigious since Samuel was flown from Kenya to Canada to receive his award. He also did a cross Canada tour to promote his non-profit group Community Volunteer Service Kenya (CVSK). Samuel received $3000 that will go towards helping his non-profit.

Samuel made a point to promote Education is Power and link it to CVSK. Samuel was in Canada from November 2nd to November 12th. He spent one day in Vancouver and had a chance to meet up with EIP director Dave Cuddy. Samuel was able to attend an EIP presentation with Dave at a local secondary school in Vancouver. This was a great experience for Samuel and a treat for McNair Secondary.

During his visit to Canada, Samuel also signed on to become a trustee of EIP. Now he will officially start his role as Outreach and Public Relations Officer. Sam has been with EIP since the beginning. He was a founding student and major inspiration for the project. Sam is currently halfway through his Masters of Environmental Studies and Community Development.


Photo: Samuel with students at McNair Secondary, Vancouver, Canada


Photo: Samuel and Dave Cuddy at McNair Secondary, Vancouver, Canada, November 7th, 2013

sam at stanley park

Photo: Samuel at Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia, November 7th 2013

EIP held a successful fundraising event on Oct 12, 2013 in Campbell River, BC

A lot of work went into organizing Education is Power’s first public fundraiser in Campbell River, BC. Campbell River was chosen because it is where Director Dave Cuddy currently lives. Dave felt that before reaching out to other areas it is first important to create awareness in his own community. This has been done with other public fundraisers in Cuddy’s hometown of Perth, Ontario and his former residence in Quebec City.

Oct 12 Sarah HELEN

Photo: Helen Austin (right) and Daisy

The venue was a quaint coffee shop called Shot in the Dark. It was the perfect venue for an acoustic style event. It was small and personal and packed comfortably with EIP supporters. It was a great line up of musicians including Shane Philip (Winner of the Vancouver Island Music Award’s Best Live Act), Helen Austin (Winner of the 2013 International Song Writing Competition & Juno Finalist), as well as Kyell Erickson who is a 2013 alumnus of Carihi Secondary in Campbell River.

Shane Oct 12

Photo: Shane Philip playing guitar 

The event’s biggest success was in publicity and networking for future fundraising opportunities. During this event, EIP had three newspaper articles (from Campbell River and Courtenay, BC), and one radio interview with Campbell River’s The River (see media attention for Education is Power). One of the contacts made was with student’s from Carhi Secondary who have taken an interest in EIP and are making plans to fundraise for EIP in the spring.

The event raised $911 and combined with the huge support from Dave Cuddy’s work place Strathcona Park Lodge, EIP was able to rase $1750 to meet the goal of one year of university tuition in Kenya.  Strathcona Park Lodge graciously donated their annual lost and found auction proceeds to EIP.

Entrance was by donation and the event drew many new faces. All and all the event was a lot of fun, gaining great feedback from locals who attended.

Kyell Oct 12

Photo: Kyell Erickson

Oct 12 sarahPhoto: EIP event volunteers, left to right, Russel, Del, Sarah


Photo: EIP Director Dave Cuddy addresses audience 


Photo: EIP event volunteers (Left to right), Shane Philip, Russel Vinegar, Tara Woods, Dave Cuddy, Del, Robyn Penfold

Click here to see a video clip of the event OR Click here for a news article of the event

Education is Power Director Dave Cuddy prepares to return to East Africa in December 2013

This trip will be Cuddy’s fourth trip to East Africa, which will make it 11 months total living in East Africa.

Dave in TZ

Photo: Dave Cuddy on first trip to East Africa in 2006 during his Canada World Youth program

Dave Cuddy writes:

There is always so much more that can be accomplished for EIP when I actually spend time in East Africa with our partners. Even fundraising can be quite successful as I learned last year when we were able to raise $1700 from common Kenyans who on average make $1.50 per day. This goes to show how important EIP is for the community and it also sends a message to wealthy nations that they ought to support EIP and honour these common Kenyans who dearly want to see their children and fellow Kenyans gain a full education.

Goals for trip:

  • Improve organizational structure between different EIP communities in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Evaluate efficacy of EIP and prepare report for recommendations (including interviews with all EIP students and affiliates
  • Improve tutoring programs for EIP secondary students including online tutoring with volunteer tutors in Canada
  • Implement EIP’s pay forward model for graduates to pay percentage to go towards new students
  • Film videos of EIP’s students and activities
  • Organize and promote EIP awareness/fundraising event in Kenya, February 8th, 2014
  • Seek out new community role models to become EIP students

Note: The trip is paid out of pocket by Dave Cuddy

Education is Power fundraising event set for February 19th in Perth, Ontario, Canada

Together with Perth’s St. Paul’s Mission and Outreach, Education is Power is holding a on the evening of February 19th at the United Church in Perth. So far the hall has been confirmed with a short performance by an African style choir led by United Church Music Director Brad Mills. Dave Cuddy will also be doing a talk on Education is Power and showing some photos and video from his latest trip to East Africa that he will return from a few days prior to the event. We need help to find well-known local musicians /entertainers to perform at the event.

One of the objectives of the event is to spread the word to Perth school students or other service groups to take on Education is Power and raise money for one of our African students in need. 

August 30, 2013

Education is Power (EIP) to launch new campaign in Canada to boost fundraising and gain a new team of EIP ambassadors:

Sequence 01005Photo:  EIP Founder Dave Cuddy speaks on Education is Power at a high school in Perth, Ontario, Canada

Something has to change if EIP is going to continue to be successful at achieving its mission: “Through education, we are dedicated to develop the potential in underprivileged East Africans who are committed to the sustainable development and natural conservation of Africa.” 

After five years of helping more than 25 Kenyan secondary and post-secondary students, EIP is struggling to raise enough money to support existing students let alone help the many deserving new candidates.

Currently, EIP Founder and Director Dave Cuddy (from Canada) is largely the sole fundraising drive for the organization.  As EIP grows and Dave balances his work life as an Outdoor Education Instructor, he simply does not have the time to take on the immense task of fundraising all by himself.

The campaign is to start locally where Dave Cuddy lives and works – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  Dave plans to try to recruit volunteers from schools participating in outdoor programs at his workplace Strathcona Park Lodge.  Since Canadian high school students are required to gain a certain amount of volunteer experience to graduate, why not volunteer their time to become an ambassador to EIP and organize a fundraising event – and in the process gain experience working with an international charity!  Dave also plans to try to recruit other EIP ambassadors by doing talks on EIP at colleges and universities across Vancouver Island and in the city of Vancouver.  If you would like to organize a talk contact him at  Also check out the Fundraising Resources page here.

Education is Power introduces new 25% payback model:  

To help show people why they should choose to support EIP (Education is Power), EIP has launched a new program to become a charity that can actually sustain itself without relying solely on donations or grants.  After meeting with Kenyan EIP students, Kenyan trustees and committee members, it has been agreed that all post-secondary students of EIP must pay 25% of their total donations back to EIP.  This is to be done over a five year period once the student graduates and gains adequate employment.  Of course for this program to actually work, it will take time and EIP will need a lot of initial donations or grants to boost the number of their post-secondary students. Regardless, EIP is excited about the idea and is currently in the process of designing projections and proposals to give to major grant givers.  To see a copy of the 25% payback agreement click here.

Founding EIP student Stephen Kamau begins at Moi University:

stephen giraffe centerPhoto:  Stephen Kamau working with school children from Nairobi at The Giraffe Center, Nairobi, Kenya

As of July 2013, Stephen Kamau is very happy to begin a Bachelor of Tourism Management at Moi University in Nairobi, Kenya.  The program is a joint program to his existing Diploma in Wildlife Management and Tourism.

Stephen Kamau was the first student of Education is Power (EIP)His determination and dreams are part of what helped inspire EIP to exist.  In May 2008, he started a Diploma in Wildlife Management and Tourism with the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Training Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.   He graduated from the program in April 2010, and moved back to his home area of Kimende to continue as a volunteer with KENVO (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers) while he looked for work.  During this time he completed several applications for tourism and environmental jobs and attended interviews wherever he was called to. Unfortunately the posts were so competitive and he couldn’t get a job, they would select only those who held at least a university degree.

It was with these frustrations that led him to think hard and come up with something that would keep him busy and gain him relevant experience.  He started marketing a project he created called Kereita Wilderness VenturesThe project was to be a tourist destination for recreation and natural interpretation of the Aberdare rainforest of Central Kenya.  The Aberdares is often considered Kenya’s most precious forest as it supplies the water needs for Kenya’s capital Nairobi – a population of over three million people.  Nature Kenya also ranks the Aberdares forest in the highest priority category for conservation because of its unique flora and fauna and its significant deforestation issues.  Stephen’s new guiding company took off slowly but steadily and now Stephen continues to receive clients for guided forest walks and he continues guiding on weekends while in university.

In the three years since Stephen finished his college diploma, he has done anything but stay idle.  He has organized ecology trips for primary and secondary schools in his area, organized campaigns for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, helped initiate a Youth Leaders Initiative program based on environmental education (joint with Canada World Youth), assisted international students in environmental research, gained employment with the United Nations ‘Wake Up Kenya’ program – designed to promote free, fair and peaceful national elections, worked for the IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission of Kenya) registering voters and organizing civic education programs, not to mention his continued volunteer work with KENVO and Education is Power. Stephen is very grateful to EIP and believes that his college diploma was instrumental in allowing him to achieve all he has.  EIP is very proud of Stephen and believes he is a great role model for future EIP students.  With all that Stephen has achieved he deserves to go to university and reach his full potential.  He needs your help to have enough funds to stay in school. Read more on Stephen here.

Founding EIP student Samuel Wakang’u wins Canada World Youth overseas award:

samuel feb 10 2013Photo:  Samuel Wakang’u MC’s an Education is Power event in Kimende, Kenya, February 2013

Along with Stephen Kamau, Samuel Wakang’u is the other founding student of Education is Power (EIP).  Thanks to EIP, Samuel was able to begin a Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education at Kenyatta University in January 2009.  He completed the degree in December 2012 and as of January 2013 he began his first year of a two year Master’s program in Environmental Studies (Community Development).  While in university, Samuel has been deeply involved in a project he founded called Community Volunteers Service Kenya (CVSK).  In July 2013, Samuel was delighted to learn he was the winner of the Canada World Youth Outstanding Overseas Leadership Award for his work with CVSK.

The Canada World Youth (CWY) Leadership Awards is an annual award that recognizes the outstanding achievements of young Canadians and youth from around the world who are engaged in initiatives that promote sustainable development at local or international levels. The objectives of the Leadership Awards are to:  call attention to the important role that youth leaders play in their communities; provide additional financial and promotional support to innovative youth-led projects; and provide an opportunity for the laureates to share the impact, the successes and the challenges of their projects with their peers across Canada. A cash prize of $3,000 and a plaque of recognition are awarded to each of the three laureates. The prize money is to be used to support the project of the laureate.  The three awards are:  The Outstanding Canadian Award, The Outstanding Overseas Award, and The Youth Innovation Award.

About Samuel’s project, Community Volunteers Service Kenya (CVSK):

CVSK is a non-profit youth development initiative that is non-political and non-racial.  It is a registered Community Based Organization (CBO) with the Kenyan government. CVSK spans across many issues designed to empower Kenyan youth to become engaged in community development and environmental sustainability.  CVSK envisions well mobilized youth with an enriched livelihood, available resources, improved literacy rates, intercultural understanding, and a passion to ensure environmental sustainability. The mission is to promote and improve the livelihoods of Kenyan youth while ensuring environmental sustainability.  This mission is achieved by providing information and opportunities that connect education, environment, employment, and personal growth leading to sustainable development.  EIP founding student Samuel Wakang’u is the founding director of CVSK. For more on CVSK go here.

Since July 2013, Education is Power has taken on six new Kenyan students!

 It is with great pleasure to announce Zipporah Mugure as a new post-secondary student of Education is Power. Zipporah has been a long-time volunteer and administrative worker with KENVO (The Kijabe Environment Volunteers), who are Education is Power’s (EIP) chief partner. For this reason Zipporah has also taken a lead to organize and manage EIP’s finances in Kenya for the past five years. She is trained in accounting but lacks the funds to complete her education and become a certified accountant in Kenya. After volunteering so much of her time to EIP, we are now very happy to help fund Zipporah to pursue her in a Bachelor of Finance and Accounting at Mount Kenya University. Please help us continue to help her.  Read more on Zipporah here.  ZipporahPhoto:  Zipporah Mugure

Despite inconceivable struggles in his home region of Western Kenya EIP student, Chris Wekesa has begun a Journalism Diploma at Moi University in Eldoret Kenya. Chris completed a six month Canada World Youth international education program in March 2013. Through this exchange program Chris was able to meet his gracious Canadian counterpart Sylvan (something like his Canadian brother during his exchange).  With the persistence of Sylvan in conjunction with EIP, Chris is now able to follow his dream of gaining a post-secondary education. Read more on Chris here. 

chris wekesa eipPhoto:  Chris Wekesa

Joseph Kamau of Kiambu County, Kenya begins a Bachelor of Business Information Technology.  He recently graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology but then realized an undergraduate degree is very much needed to compete in the Kenyan job market and to be taken more seriously.  Joseph has been saving money through part time work as a computer programmer, graphic artist, music teacher, and youth leader but through all his efforts he is only able to cover living expenses and not the high priced university tuition fees. Joseph is very industrious and understands that information technology will play a large part of Kenya’s sustainable development and he strives to gain skills that he can give back to his community and country.  Joseph’s sponsorship was made possible through contacts he made in Canada while on a Canada World Youth exchange program in 2010-2011. Read more on Joseph here.

Joseph Kamau cropped)Photo:  Joseph Kamau

Three new secondary students: Dorcas, Ann, and Margaret were able to start high school thanks to EIP.

In July 2013, Dorcas started her first year of high school at in Kiambu County, Kenya.  Her family was forced to flee their home of Koibatek District in Rift valley during the Kenyan election violence of 2007-08.  Upon fleeing to Kiambu County her parents became casual labourers and were unable to cater for education costs.  Dorcas graduated primary school but was forced to stay home for a lack of the $130 yearly tuition fee to secondary school. Read more on Dorcas here.

Dorcas NjeriPhoto:  Dorcas

Ann and Margaret are from the Masaai region of Laikipia North, Kenya.  They graduated Primary School as some of the top girls in their school but their families were unable to pay the high price of secondary education.  Ann and Margaret are from a remote Masaai community known as Il Ngwesi.  There is no secondary school close by so they must go to a boarding school which is at the higher cost of $400 per year.  Thanks to EIP, Ann and Margaret are now studying in their first year of secondary school.  This was made possible through general donations to EIP and the volunteer administrative work of Lokusero Primary teachers Mr. Mathange and Mr. Gitonga. Maragret and AnnPhoto:  Margaret(left) and Ann

EIP unable to raise enough funds was forced to temporarily drop founding student Samuel Wakang’u and top performing high school graduate Freshiah Nyokabi: 

(Lacking enough general donations, EIP cannot choose which students receive funds as sponsors decide who they will support)     

EIP has supported Samuel Wakang’u since his first year of a Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education at Kenyatta University in January 2009 to the end of his first year of his Master’s program in August 2013.  Sadly, we don’t have the funds to support Samuel in the September 2013 semester (his second last semester of the Master’s program).   EIP is optimistic that enough money will be raised to allow Samuel to recommence in January 2014, but nothing is guaranteed so please donate to help make this possible.  The price per semester of his Master’s program at Kenyatta University is about $900. Read more on Samuel hereSam pics (5)Photo:  Samuel Wakang’u

Freshiah Nyokabi continued to be sent home from secondary school because her family could not pay balances owed such as $50 out of $120 per year of tuition fees.  Once EIP stepped in she was able to stay in school and graduate at the top of her school in 2012.  Lacking computer skills and guidance Freshiah initially struggled with what to do after high school.  After receiving support and guidance from the EIP community,  Freshiah has decided that a Degree in Commerce will help her gain good employment to help her family and community as well as allow her to gain skills to contribute to the administration of Education is Power.  She was finally accepted into the September 2013 intake at Kenyatta University but sadly EIP has not been able to raise enough money for her to start.  She is very hopeful that EIP will be able to raise enough for her to start the $850 per semester eight semester degree program in January 2014.  Read more on Freshiah here.

FreshiahPhoto:  Freshiah Nyokabi

April 8, 2013

Our fundraising event in Kenya – February 2013

students at EIP feb10

A lot of effort went into organizing Education is Power’s fundraising event in Kenya on February 10, 2013.  It was the first widely advertised event we had for Education is Power (EIP) in Kenya.  It was amazing to see how much support we got from the local community and from musicians in the capital city Nairobi – a one hour drive southeast of Kimende (where the event was held).  Kimende was not used to having an event such as this so there was a lot of excitement from the community.  It was not just a fundraiser but a chance for the community to learn about EIP.  There were more then 200 people in attendance at the event, which was held at a local church hall.  During the event we also promoted EIP to local youth as entity that could help them reach their dreams of going to school if they are willing to volunteer to make a difference.  We had an auction and donation forum that was successful in raising a little over $1600.  This was a big deal as many locals were making quite sizable donations in comparison to their salary.  We learned a lot from the event and gained contacts from internationally recognized musicians from Nairobi and Kenyan TV actors.  We are now ready to make the next one even more successful!

IMG_0788Photo: (left to right) Founding student Samuel Wakang’u, Canadian EIP founder Dave Cuddy, and Kenyan trustee and advisor David Kuria – helping to present Education is Power DSCF2545 DSCF2521Photo:  EIP student Freshiah Nyokabi tells the audience why Education is Power is so important to her. IMG_0806Photo:  Father of EIP student Leah Wangui gives his thanks to Education is Power for helping his daughter and the community. IMG_0816 DSCF2483Photo: A.C.K. Church Hall in Kimende, Kenya during the event IMG_0862Photo:  A Canada World Youth team performs at the event as well as supporting in other areas for Education is Power DSCF2581Photo:  Nairobi Gospel Hip-Hop group,  Mad Love Cypher performs at the event IMG_0849Photo:  Anthony Njuguna AKA Allan from the hit Kenyan TV show Tahidi High auctions off a goat! Education is Power wine and cheese party in Perth, Ontario, Canada on March 8, 2013 matches the $1600 raised in Kenya: DSCF2951Photo:  EIP founder Dave Cuddy presents pictures and video of his recent time in Kenya developing Education is Power We held a small wine and cheese party with friends and family where the objective was to match the same amount of money raised at the fundraiser in Kenya.  We achieved this with much less effort in organizing and expenses, proving how much more fundraising power there is in Canada vs Kenya.  EIP is aiming for a larger fundraising event in Canada towards the end of the year.  For now we will focus on private donations, grant opportunities and other networking.

Taking Education is Power to a new level:  Inspiration, more students, sponsors and improved efficiency:

After returning from my 3rd three month visit to East Africa I (Dave Cuddy), really see the potential in Education is Power.  From my experience I can see that it is a project that really speaks to the people.  African people truly understand the relationship between education and development and opportunities.  They are also more then keen to do to their best potential if given a chance.   The project is driven by local East Africans who understand the importance of volunteerism as a major factor towards a brighter future.  With the government only helping straight A students we see a major gap to fill in helping those who do well enough in school but more importantly dedicate themselves to helping their community and country through volunteerism and other ways.


DSCF2222 wangaris trees

thumbs up with seiku primary 2

Photos:  Re-visiting students of Il Ngwesi, Laikipia North, Kenya and reading Wangari Mathai’s Trees of Peace story (Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner)  

After my visit in 2012-13 EIP took on three more high school students and found sponsors who have committed to help three more post-secondary students (Student updates will be on the website soon).  These students are not including existing EIP students we are aiming to send back to post-secondary studies this May/June.  In total Education is Power has been supporting 22 students to date and we still believe we can do a lot more.


Photo: Il Ngwesi high school students, (left to right), Paul Kisio, Jayo Ramson, Dave Cuddy, Solomon Kitonga, Sally Ngilah

DSCF2248Photo:  EIP founder Dave Cuddy and Il Ngwesi high school student Juliet Nyausi


Photo: Dave Cuddy with Il Ngwesi student Pascoline Huson Since my recent visit to East Africa we have made improvements in communication between Kenya and Canada.  We have done this through connecting directly with students, students families, schools and teachers rather then going through a middle person which is more difficult and incurs more expenses.  We have instated the percentage payback plan which will now be an official part of student’s responsibilities – this is to pay back a percentage to EIP once the student starts working thus helping to ensure sustainability.  Other improvements are in tutoring programs by EIP post-secondary students to secondary students.  We have also added new Kenyan Trustee’s to Education is Power who also work for our chief partner the Kijabe Environment Volunteers.  The new trustee’s are David Kuria (Director of KENVO), and Zipporah Mugure (Accounting and Finance for KENVO).  More contacts have been made with the Canada World Youth (CWY) teams that happened to be in Kenya at the same time of my visit.  Through these contacts we plan to implement fundraising and school educational programs in different parts across Canada. Founding EIP student Samual Wakang’u is continuing in a Masters of Environmental Studies (community development) at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. DSCF0103Photo:  Samuel Wakang’u at his family home in Kimende, Kenya cuts the leftover corn for the sheep Samuel’s program is a two year (4 semesters) program of which he is now writing exams for the first semester.  Sam did very well helping to raise some of his own funds for his degree yet it is more of a struggle for a masters program since the costs are higher and some of his contacts only committed to raise up until the end of his degree program.  The fact is that achieving a Masters will greatly advance Sam’s ability to implement environmental stewardship programs for his community, which he is focused to do.  We are hopeful that in Sam’s second year KENVO will find funding to be able to hire Sam for a research project that will tie into his thesis. Founding Student Stephen Kamau seeks assistance for this May to continue in a Tourism Management degree at Moi University in Nairobi, Kenya.  The program is joint with his diploma in wildlife management.   DSCF2522Photo:  Stephen Kamau helps explain how Education is Power started since he first met Dave Cuddy and Samuel Wakang’u in a Canada World Youth exchange program in 2006-07.  Please help donate so Stephen can begin his degree joint program this May 2013. DSCF2526Photo:  Leah Wangui explains how EIP is helping her to gain a diploma in social welfare and he she wishes to continue into a degree program.  Please help donate so Leah can first finish her Diploma starting this June 2013.


Photo:  Zipporah Mugure

Zipporah has been key for the administration of Education is Power in Kenya.  With her background in accounting and finance she has helped keep our records well organized, ensured payments are made on time, dealt with opening and managing EIP’s Kenyan bank account.  This has been all as a volunteer.  Now Zipporah wishes to finish her training and gain her degree and certification in Accounting and Finance.  Please help donate to allow Zipporah to begin her program at Kenyatta University this June 2013.


More Updates coming soon! January 18, 2013 Samuel Wakang’u Kiarie is now officially Education is Power’s first university graduate.    We started with Samuel since the beginning of his program not long after Education is Power came to exist.  Samuel graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya on December 14, 2012.  Thanks to EIP he is now continuing with his Masters in Environmental Studies and Community Development at Kenyatta University.  Samuel is also doing a lot of hard work volunteering to help Education is Power (EIP).  Samuel gives guidance and mentorship to younger students in secondary schools or those ready to continue to post-secondary studies.  He helps follow up on existing EIP students relaying messages, requesting information and evaluating student’s progress.  As well right now, Sam is helping to find affordable tutors for some of our students in their final year of high school. cropsamatgrad0048 Photo:  Samuel Wakang’u at his graduation ceremony at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya dave sam baba grad Photo:  Samuel Wakangu’s Father (left), Samuel Wakang’u (center), Dave Cuddy (right) sporting his fresh African mullet cut. Canadian Education is Power (EIP) founder Dave Cuddy is now in Kenya on his 3rd trip to East Africa.  – It is great to be here and see all the progress, and meet with EIP students and volunteers in Kenya.  I feel like it is very important for me to visit.  We are taking EIP to another level!   DSCF0107 Photo:  EIP founder Dave Cuddy cutting corn for the sheep at his host family’s home in Kimende, Kenya It was pretty incredible to come to Samuel’s graduation ceremony in Nairobi where there were 30,000 plus people in attendance.  Kenyatta University is one of the major public universities in Kenya so there were a huge number of people there since public universities are also the most affordable in the country.  My favourite celebration was at Samuel’s family home an hour’s drive from Nairobi.  At this celebration there were over 100 people of Samuel’s friends and family.  There were speeches, music, dancing and a great feast. You could really see just how big of a deal it is for someone to attain a university degree in Kenya. IMG_0114 crop sams grad photos02156 cropsams grad photos00417

Samuel Wakang’u Graduation Party at his home in Kimende, Kenya

crop sams grad photos03566 crop sams grad photos05648 crop sams grad photos04114 cropsams grad photos15249 Photo:  EIP Trustee in Kenya, David Kuria, congratulates Samuel for earning his Bachelor of Science and Environmental Education

An Education is Power fundraiser and community awareness event in Kenya – February 10, 2013

education-is-power-poster-feb-10 Currently, we are organizing for an Education is Power fundraiser that will happen in Kimende, Kenya on February 10th, 2013.  We are setting a target for 500 000KSH ($5600 Cdn).  We certainly need the full amount in order to see our post-secondary students able to start in the spring semester in Kenya.  If we are successful there will be three new post-secondary students starting in May 2013 at Kenyan institutions.  They will be Leah Wangui studying a diploma in Social Welfare, Zipporah Mugure studying a Bachelor in Business Administration and Accounting, and Stephen Kamau who would study for a Bachelor in Tourism.   We also have other hopeful post-secondary applicants on the waiting list such as Stephen Nuytu who needs support to continue with his 3rd year of Economics at Kenyatta University.  So we hope we can get lots of support!  For more on the fundraiser in Kenya check HERE DSCF0517 Photo:  The Education is Power volunteer fundraising committee (January 2013) As of now, we have 10 secondary students studying in Lari Division and Laikipia, Kenya.  Among these 10, four students will be graduating at the end of 2013.  The students are Paul Kisio, Takau Maiyani, Sally Ngilah, and Paul Wahugo (Check the students page to see their profiles).  Of these four students, three students are studying at a boarding school because they are from a remote community where there is no secondary school close by.   Unfortunately the fees at this school (Dol Dol Secondary, Laikipia) are going up drastically.  We started sponsoring these children in 2010 when the price of one year of high school was $250 per year per student.  Now in 2013 the yearly tuition at the same school is a little over $450!  This is really sad because $250 per year was very unattainable for many primary school graduates, and since then there has been no rise in Kenyan’s salaries to cater for this.  Kenya remains among the world’s worst countries for the greatest gap between the rich and poor.  With Kenya’s national elections coming up in March 2013, it is sad to see that neither of the top political parties is talking of reducing school fees.  Yet there is lots of talk about politicians increasing their own salary and having state funerals for themselves etc..!!  This fee increase is proving to be very difficult for Education is Power to be able to continue to sponsor children from this region.   We simply don’t have the funds to cater to such an increase. boys at il ngwesi Photo (2009-10):  Paul Kisio (top left), Ndondo Solomon (centre left), Jayo Ramson (bottom left) and Takuo Maiyani. (Missing from photo: Saleh Ngila – no individual photo available) Paul Wahugo will be graduating from Mbau-ini Secondary in Lari, Kenya.  Mbau-ini is a district day school and thus has lower fees at $160 per year.   Kenya has many different levels of secondary schools.  District day schools are the lowest priced and after that it is district boarding schools, which actually have different classes of costs, followed by provincial secondary schools – more expensive still, and then finally the most expensive are the national secondary schools.  Provincial and national schools are almost always boarding schools.  In Kenya there is a stigma against district day schools.  Many people think lower of the students at district day schools.  This is partly because when a student scores higher marks he or she is offered places at upper class district boarding schools or provincial or national schools.  Thus the student who scores lower marks is left at the district day school, and also students from poorer families end up at district day schools.  At Education is Power we would rather put three students through a district day school then put one in a provincial school.  And why wouldn’t we when we know that our first university graduate Samuel Wakang’u who is now studying his master’s degree went to a district day secondary school.  As well, EIP student Freshiah Nayokabi went to a district day school and she outperformed the majority of students at provincial schools gaining acceptances to public universities in Kenya.  Although there are some downsides to district day schools, unfortunately for Freshiah’s case she did not have a biology teacher at her school and thus she couldn’t go on to study her dream field of medicine without a biology credit.  But all is not lost, thanks to EIP Freshiah will be upgrading her high school biology as a private candidate, which will make her eligible to study in university health science programs by 2014.  This was a learning point for Education is Power.  Now we conduct evaluations to make sure students take the appropriate secondary subjects they need to study in their desired field.  If we had have known Freshiah did not have a biology teacher at the time, we would have ensured Freshiah switched schools as there are other district day schools in the area with biology teachers. DSCF0121 Photo:  EIP secondary students with EIP founder – Paul Wahugo (left), Florence Njeri, Dave Cuddy, Julia Nduta freshiah 2 Photo:  Student of EIP Freshiah Nyokabi (January 2013) is hopeful of studying nursing at Kenyatta University in 2014. There has been a number of EIP meetings in Kenya that I have been going to that have been helping us grow and become more efficient.  We are now in the process of registering Education is Power as a Trust in Kenya.  Since we are already registered in Canada the process is faster.  This will be an essential move to gain more funding opportunities in Kenya.  I was really happy to have 16 Kenyans come out to our last meeting.  There are a lot of people here who really believe in Education is Power.  So we are looking forward to our fundraiser we are planning in Kimende, Kenya on February 10th, 2013. cropSequence 01065 cropSequence 01001 As of now, I (Dave Cuddy) am spending my time in Laikipia, Kenya in a Masai community known as Il Ngwesi. This is where six of our secondary students are from and half of them will graduate in the end of 2013.  During my time here I will be visiting three secondary schools where the students are attending, and as well some of the primary schools in the area, where I will set in place a fair program for recruiting more students if we are successful in fundraising (see our new student application for more an idea of the program). I volunteered as a teacher at Lokusero Primary school in 2009 when I met the students whom we are continuing to support today.  So it is exciting to get a chance to visit these students again, as well as meet their families and teachers.  It is not easy for these children to attend secondary school with their low income from a pastoralist family, not to mention the added expenses of transport for the distance they must travel to get to school.  Despite this, Il Ngwesi is a beautiful community and region, where the people love their culture and reject to westernize like many.  The leaders of the community are those who are well educated.  Education is very important for them as I have been told been by community elders – “When the drought comes and grasses dry up and our livestock starve, educations remains fertile in the mind.  It is with education that we can grow and prosper yet hang on to our Masai culture”.  – James Ole Kinyaga, Il Ngwesi elder.

The Road to Il Ngwesi:

DSCF2032 DSCF2034 DSCF2040 DSCF2038 DSCF2070 DSCF2071DSCF2066 DSCF2049DSCF2055me&kuntai2013 Photo (January 2013):  EIP founder Dave Cuddy (left) with partner in Il Ngwesi Kuntai Karmushu in front of Kuntai’s home.  For more on the work we do with Il Ngwesi check our partners page HERE All the students whom EIP chooses are those who have proven that they will plough their education back into the society.  EIP is filling the gap to help people not just based on their marks but on their dedication to make a better world and help others.  EIP only supports those who are volunteering to make their communities a better place.  Another important aspect in the students we choose is that they must also give back to Education is Power to allow future students to study.  This happens through the students own fundraising initiatives, the time they donate to EIP with mentorship for younger students and other related activities, and also a percentage that comes out of the student’s salary once he or she begins to work.  To date, EIP has been supporting 13 students from the Lari area, and six more from a Masai community in Lakipia North.  As we become well established in Kenya, our goal is to spread the organization throughout Africa.  So please help us show that the concept will work and become a part of Africa’s sustainable development.  Donate Here

mbau-ini school kimende kenya STAND UP for the millennium devlopment goals

The Youth are Ready to Make Changes The World Needs

November 23, 2012 Samuel is graduating: EIP (Education is Power) is celebrating an important landmark.  Canada World Youth alumni, Samuel Wakung’u (above photo) will soon be our first university graduate.  In December Samuel is graduating from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya with a bachelor of science and environmental education.  Photo:  Samuel Wakang’u Samuel was one of EIP’s first students.  His dreams and ambitions to help his community and country were a big part of what inspired Education is Power to exist. Samuel’s graduation is an exciting time because now EIP can begin to demonstrate its philosophy.  This philosophy is that by providing educational opportunities to underprivileged East Africans, we will enable them to help their communities begin to make long term solutions to poverty issues.   Samuel is focused to create a centre for outdoor and environmental education in the Aberdare rain forest of central Kenya.  The Aberdares is Kenya’s most precious forest supplying the water needs for the city of Nairobi – a population of over three million people.  Nature Kenya ranks the area in the highest priority category for conservation actions because of its unique fauna and flora and it’s significant deforestation issues.


Photo:  Samuel Wakung’u Kiare of Kimende, Kenya volunteers in a community reforestation project.  In December 2012 Samuel will graduate from Kenyatta University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Environmental Education. Leah Continues her studies: Thanks to our donors, in January 2013, Canada World Youth alumni, Leah Wangui will be going on to gain a diploma in Social Work and Welfare with the Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development. She is already halfway through her diploma after graduating from a one and a half year certificate program.  Unfortunately she had to take a year off because EIP didn’t have the means to continue to support her.

Photo:  Leah  Wangui

Leah writes: I am inspired to work with the community and participate in giving solutions to issues affecting them. Education is the key to success and a brain sharpener. To be productive in the desired areas in the community, I need to study at a higher level to acquire more knowledge and develop skills that will foster positive attitudes that bring change. It will enable me to carry out proper research in areas that require transformation. As well, I will be able to facilitate the sustainability of community based projects that need competent and confident people who believe in self-reliant development.” Freshiah seeks out support to reach her dream to become a doctor or nurse for disadvantaged people in Kenya:

Photo: Freshiah Nyokebi Nyina

Freshiah Nyokebi Nyina graduated high school in Kimende, Kenya (60km NW of Nairobi) in December 2011.  Unfortunately Freshiah was greatly affected by the Kenyan election violence of 2007-08.  She was a refugee in her own country and she was unable to afford to continue her high school studies and had teachers sending her home from school because her fees were not paid.  EIP stepped in to help her go back to school in January 2010 and she remained at the top of her class throughout her whole high school education.  Now she dreams of studying to become a doctor or nurse and give back to her community. We are currently seeking donations to help Freshiah go to college/university in 2013.   Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about this.      Freshiah Writes: I would like to take a nursing program when I finish school. I believe serving in the medical field would go far in alleviating the suffering my community goes through.  Serving as a nurse or doctor will enable me to help lessen the suffering of HIV/AIDS, orphans, and malnourished persons. I would like to be a part of people fighting to eradicate preventable diseases which attack the communities in rural areas. I would prefer to work with the government or other agencies which strive to provide free medical care.  This is because the community is full of people who cannot afford medicals bills even if they are asked to pay Kshs 20 (30 cents) for cost sharing. Thus these people continue living in poverty with diseases. I also do not wish to see other girls go through what I myself have gone through. Alongside nursing I would like to study counseling as I have discovered that much of the suffering in  people is on the inside rather than the physical. I have witnessed children grow up under very oppressive conditions which include child labour, abuse, malnutrition, unwanted pregnancies, early marriages and school drop outs. This has led to a perpetuating downfall, since when these children grow into adults they can not support their own families and the cycle continues. I would like to set an example for other girls to emulate in school, college and in the community. Girl education has lagged behind that of boys in my country. I also plan to serve as a volunteer in assisting other boys and girls in obtaining a high level of education.  I believe volunteering is important as there is a lot to do to improve things, and not enough people doing it. It is also important because the majority of people are poor and can not afford to pay for expert services.”  November 18, 2011

  • Student Leah Wangui graduated with a certificate in social development and now asks for support for a Diploma program 
  • Education is Power helps facilitate the United Nations Millennium Campaign in Kenya 
  • Kenyatta University student Samuel Wakung’u Kiare asks for support for his 4th year

Currently Education is Power is supporting seven high school students, three college students, and one university student.  This makes a total of 11 EIP students all studying at schools in Kenya, East Africa.  Of these 11 students, two college students have found their own full sponsors from Victoria and Winnipeg.  These sponsors were Canada World Youth host families who grew close to these Kenyan youth while they were on exchange in Canada.  The Canadian sponsors now use EIP as a safe way to send money to Africa and to collect substantial charitable refunds from the government.  This makes for nine African students currently studying and depending on fundraising efforts from me – EIP founder Dave Cuddy, who is a student himself in Quebec City.  This is not to mention the list of nine other potential students with profiles on the EIP website, who are waiting and hoping for well wishers to allow them to go to school. We at Education is Power are asking for your financial support (small or large) to help  keep these students in school, and to show everyone that the concept of EIP will work.  The concept of EIP is that young Canadians with little money can use their national privilege to make a global difference.  Furthermore, that the difference made is not a Band-Aid solution, but that it is focused on tackling the root of issues to create long term solutions.  Education really is Power so let’s give the underprivileged young African leaders a chance to build their own future the way they see it best. Donate here

Photos:  Education is Power Graduate Stephen Kamau organizes an educational activity in Kenyan Schools to teach about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which are eight objectives to have a better world. 

Student Leah Wangui is calling for help to allow her to start her Diploma in Social Work and Community Development – find more about Leah here

Photo:  Leah recently graduated with a certificate in Social Development Work from The Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development In 2012, Samuel Wakang’u will be going into his fourth year of a degree program in Environmental Science and Education, learn more about Samuel here or donate here January 3rd, 2011 Here is a new report on Il Ngwesi, kenya community for those interested in helping a student go to secondary school:  Il Ngwesi report

 Photo:  Children on their daily 12km trip to Lokusero Primary School, located in the maasai community of IL Ngwesi, Kenya.  These are children who will not be able to go to secondary school without outside help.  You can help them through Education is Power!

Samuel Wakung’u Kiare is reaching out for help for funds for semester 1 of his 3rd year at Kenyatta University.  The fees will cost $835 and so far we have raised $400.  Please help Samuel help others by giving him an education.  Read more on Samuel here, and on his specific course here.  Also find out about some of his future thoughts here. June 30, 2010 Fundraiser for July 15 at legion hall in Perth, Ontario, Canada A fundraising event is currently being organized for July 15 in Education is Power founder Dave Cuddy’s hometown of Perth, Ontario.  The event will be at the Perth Legion and will start at 6:00pm with a river side barbecue that will have town councilor Eric Devlin on the barbecue with local jazz musicians ‘The Saints and Sinners’.  The rest of the evening will be followed by more music and a presentation and discussion on Education is Power by Dave Cuddy with a Canada World Youth guest speaker.  The other musicians will be local Perth talent Larry Paul, Conlin Flynn and others.  The proceeds of the event will go towards EIP student of environmental science and education Samuel Wakung’u and as well towards our Tanzanian prospective secondary students.   We also have hopeful Tanzanian college and university students Chris Ndallo and Dennis Mbulu.  We are seeking businesses or corporate sponsors interested in supporting these two very worthy students of development studies and environment and social work. Backyard fundraiser for Education is Power in April 2008 with Larry Paul on the keyboard. Stephen Kamau graduates from Diploma program Stephen Kamau is the first graduate of Education is Power.  He graduated in April 2010. Stephen has graduated with a Diploma in Tourism and Wildlife Studies from the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Training Centre.  Stephen’s dreams are to continue in a joint program with Moi University to complete a degree in Eco-Tourism and Wildlife Studies.  Having a degree is quite essential to get ahead in Kenya today.  For now he is in the interview process for work in his field.  This would allow Stephen to save some money towards his dreams of completing a degree.

Dave Cuddy promotes Education is Power in France, Spain and Morocco

Director, Dave Cuddy has successfully completed his 2500km bicycle trip from Drome France to Marakesh, Morocco. Dave writes:  “The trip allowed me to meet many people that showed an amazing amount of support for Education is Power.  I didn’t plan to promote Education is Power, yet I couldn’t help sharing this with people that I met a long the way. In Barcelona I met people that dedicated there time to translate parts of the website into Spanish and Portuguese.  Further along in Spain, while rock climbing and working an organic farm I made contacts with others who would like to help with strategic planning and fundraising.  The bicycle trip was also intended as a training trip for future cycling further and longer across Africa”.

Margaret Kimani is new Education is Power student of economics at Kenyatta University

Margaret has recently finished the Canada World Youth international education program.  Thanks to sponsors from Canada, she is now getting ready to study economics at Kenyatta University in Nairobi in September 2010.

Education is Power currently has six secondary students in school and five post-secondary students in school.  The students are all from Kenya and studying in Kenya.  Our next step is to see students of Tanzania start their schooling.  We believe that stretching far and wide will help us grow more in terms of cultural diversity rather then staying just in one small area of Africa.  We aim to help youth from many different African tribes and cultures and do not wish to limit ourselves and our supporters.  Thus Uvikiuta our partner in Tanzania will act as a 3rd party money distributor for our future students in Tanzania.

For more see the students page

March 3, 2010

Education is Power founder Dave Cuddy is currently bicycling from southeast France to Morocco.  Dave writes:  I am making lots of great contacts for EIP, as well as gaining a lot of encouragement from many youth.  It is an altogether very inspiring journey.  Stay tuned for Spanish, Portuguese, French and Swahili website translations! Other news is the amazing amount of new students now studying thanks to Education is Power.  We had 9 new students start in 2010. Check out the Students Page for more.  This includes 4 secondary students from our new partner Il Ngwesi, a maasai community in central Kenya.   There is also an addition of new students (Dennis & Doreen) from Tanzania and Uganda who are seeking post-secondary studies. The partners page has also been updated.  We are very happy to begin collaborating with the Northern Kenya Fund and Pastoralist Integrated Support Program.  We are also looking to develop our Tanzania and Uganda chapter as well. An extensive 88 page PowerPoint slideshow can now be found on our Fundraising Resources section.  The presentation is long, however it is geared towards initiating study projects in Canadian secondary schools. We have our first letter writing exchange going on now.  This is between primary schools in Kenya and Florida. I am currently in the process of helping to write a newspaper article about Education is Power for a Canadian newspaper, so stay tuned for when it will be published. It is now possible to donate to Education is Power online through PayPal!  We are hoping this will improve our fundraising possibilities.

DSC05164  Education is Power is evolving!  After spending three months in east Africa, I am filled with new energy and inspiration to bring Education is Power to new levels.  There is a lot of news and happenings of Education is Power to update.  Here is a list of the updates: Education is Power has become an official charity in Canada Education is Power has been registered by Revenue Canada under the formal name of East African Education Trust.  Our registration charity number is 84627 9693 RR0001.  We have a Canadian bank account and we are now providing government tax receipts for donations.  For more information see the how to donate page.   We have made new partners with Uvikiuta of Tanzania and the Enkerai Education Trust of Kenya. It is our mission to become more widespread reaching far and wide across east Africa so in this notion we are creating new partnerships with local humanitarian organizations across east Africa.  Please see the newly revised partners page for a more in depth overview. DSC00154   We also have four other partners in progress in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Please see the newly revised partners page for a more in depth overview.   We now have several new students that are seeking funding, as well as an application form available on line for future students in east Africa.DSC00152 Students seeking funding are many…  By making more partners in east Africa we are able to find more young people who can demonstrate how gaining an education will enable them to help their communities sustainably develop.  For more information on these new future students click here.   Education is Power has incorporated secondary school support into its mandate in an effort to become more encompassing, and after really seeing the need in east Africa. DSC00134 In Kenya, the government has recently subsidized secondary education by paying 10400 Kenyan Shillings for each student each year.  However there is still an additional 8500 Kenyan Shillings which must be catered by the students so there are still a vast number of students how cannot afford to complete their secondary education.  Not to mention government boarding schools receive no special funding.  There are a number of students who live very far from any government day schools.  Many of these students are unable to pay the added 20 000 Kenyan Shillings of additional fees at government boarding schools.  So this is what has caused Education is Power to start an effort to organize sponsorships for secondary students.  We feel there are a number of young people out there who could more greatly benefit their communities after completing their secondary education.  Of course you can’t go to college or university if you don’t finish secondary school.   Education is Power organised a stand up day for the millennium development goals in Kimende, Kenya.  We had over 1500 people stand for the goals, and this has set in place our future outreach visits to schools in Kenya. On October 16, 2009, Education is Power executed an event for the Stand Up and Take Action for the millennium development goals.  The event falls onto the international day for the eradication of poverty, where this year, world wide, a record breaking 173 million people stood up to tell our governments not to forget their commitments to the eight millennium development goals signed by 192 different countries, to have a better world by the year 2015.  Education is Power visited 5 different schools in Lari Division of Kenya to have over 1500 students stand up for the goals.  It was also our objective to spread the word about Education is Power (EIP), and encourage students to become more involved in helping their communities sustainably develop, which could in turn provide opportunities to study under EIP.  Now when I walk down the street in Kimende, its common to have a number of kids call me by my first name and say Education is Power! This event also set the way for future EIP school visits in Kenya to address important issues such as gender equality, environmental conservation, peace, tolerance and intercultural understanding.                               We have formed a committee for an Education is Power branch in Kenya.  This move will greatly improve our practises by having an organised structure of local support.  We are currently in the process of becoming a registered trust or community based organisation in Kenya. Our committee in Kenya is composed Kenyans who are engaged with our partner organisation the Kijabe Environmental Volunteers (KENVO) and/or have completed a six month international education program with Canada World Youth.  The committee meets regularly to discuss issues and new ideas for Education is Power.  They also act as help for recruitment and selection of new students, fundraising, and relations with other east African partners.  The committee is in the process of registering as a Kenyan community based organisation or trust.  Stay tuned for more details on profiles of community members…   A lot of effort has been put into filming an Education is Power documentary.  Editing is now in progress (and a big job!), it is our hope that the film will be finished by December 2009. After receiving encouragement from my former high school in Canada to make a documentary video outlining the EIP project, I have put a lot of effort into attaining this goal.  I and others are now starting the editing process which involves sorting through many hours of video footage.  With my new school program starting up, it is going to take some time to bring this video to a completion.  The video is expected to be a great tool in creating awareness and networking fundraising opportunities.  We do have a preview video already finished if you would like a preview copy please contact me at   Future student Nelly Wangari has organised a successful fundraiser in Kenya which raised about $1000USD in total.  Our fundraising outlook has changed as we are now trying to reach more far and wide to find support.  Online donations will soon be available. On October 25, 2009 Nelly Wangari Mbugua had a successful community fundraiser in her home village of Kimende, Kenya.  The event was organized by Nelly and the Education is Power committee.  The event took place at a local restaurant where there was tea and bread offered to those who came out.  There was singing and dancing accompanied by prize auctions, and speeches from Nelly, and others involved in the EIP project.  The event was more successful then the previous fundraiser in Kenya and I can tell that more and more people are taking an interest in supporting Education is Power. We are now expanding our fundraising tactics to not only spread across Canada and Kenya but to reach into other developed countries like the U.S.A. and into Europe.  We are calling out to Canada World Youth past participants and others to become involved in organizing and networking fundraising possibilities. August 17, 2009  team 008 Education is Power founder Dave Cuddy travels back to Kenya to help build up the organisation.  In the photo Dave meets with future Canada World Youth participants from Kenya who are set to help use EIP as a tool to network sponsorship in Canada.  This could prove to be a very useful tool with Education is Power just days away from receiving official charity status in Canada.

leahs 012

Photo top: (left – right)  Dave  Cuddy, Leah Wangui Ruiru, Stephen Kamau

Photo bottom: (left – right) Edith Wangui, Samuel Wakang’u Kiare

It feels very good to be back in Kenya!  I am happy for all of the enthusiasm for Education is Power, and getting to meet some of the prospective students and other members of KENVO.  We are organising many things such as visits to local schools, committee meetings, a Kenyan trust account (if possible),  and a video documentry explaining the project which will be aimed to be used at schools in Canada (or elsewhere) who would like to learn more about the project.

ediths 010

I have been keeping busy volunteering with the Kijabe Environmental Volunteers ( which is the main partner organisation of Education is Power.  It is giving me a good understanding on issues facing the community and environment.   In the bottom photo is me on a visit to Matathia primary school where KENVO has established a tree nursery managed by the school and environmental club.

kenvo 024

E.I.P. committee members are planning for a fundraiser for Nelly Wangari who is listed under the students seeking funding page.

KENVO has just signed an agreement for an official partnership with EIP which was requested from Revenue Canada in order for EIP to become an official charity.  Revenue Canada has stated that everything is now set to go and its just a matter of some short paperwork until EIP is given a charity status number.

Thats all for now – thanks, Dave

kenvo 006

April 7, 2009


Bravo tout le monde pour le 3 avril levée de fonds.   Le soir à l’agitée dans la ville de Québec a été super! Nous avons eu la place complètement plein.  Beaucoup de danse, beaucoup de sourires, et ainsi de nombreuses occasions de partager et d’enseigner les objectifs de l’Education est Pouvoir. Je remercie beaucoup pour tout le monde à venir à cet événement. Je suis très fier d’annoncer un bénéfice de $ 1401.15! Cela va être une très grande aide pour Stephen Kamau comme il dois paye son frais en mai pour son 2e année au College à Nairobi.

Plus info va bientôt venir dans le page ‘fund raising summary sheet’

Allright!  way to go everybody for the April 3 fundraiser.  The evening at l’agitée in Quebec City was awesome!  We had the place completely filled up.   Lots of dancing, lots of smiles, and as well lots of opportunities to share and teach the objectives of Education is Power.  I thank everyone so much for coming out to this event.  I am very proud to announce a profit of $1401.15!  This is going to be a very big help for Stephen Kamau as he approaches his 2nd year payments in May this year.

More updates to come soon on fundraising summary sheet.


March 25, 2009

Wow! its not easy organising an event all on your own.  For anybody that actually reads this section – thanks…  Above is the official list of groups playing at the 2nd annual Quebec City Education is Power fundraiser:

Ce n’est pas facile organiser toute seul.  Merci à les gens qui lire cette section.  Ci-dessus est la liste officielle des groupes de jeu à la 2e édition levée de fonds pour Education is Power à Québec.

Le 3 avril, L’agitée 251 Dorchester, Québec, Canada

Prevente:  $5 à l’agitéE, Echologik, et Platine $7 à la porte

Levée de fonds pour Education is Power, organisme qui défraie les frais de scolarité pour un nouvel étudiant ou étudiante africain par année au collégial ou à l’universitaire en Afrique.

The conference will start around 20:00.  It will be in French, led by Education is Power founder Dave Cuddy.  There will be francophone guest  speakers who have had experience working in Kenya with Education is Power’s main partner KENVO and who also helped Education is Power begin as an organisation over 1 year ago.

La conférence débutera vers 20h00. Il sera en français, dirigé par Education is Power fondateur Dave Cuddy. Il y aura des conférenciers invités francophones qui ont une expérience de travail  au Kenya avec le principal partenaire de Education is Power – KENVO et qui a également contribué à Education is Power commencer une organisation il ya 1 an.

March 4, 2009

THE NEXT FUNDRAISER HAS BEEN SET FOR APRIL 3rd 2009 IN QUEBEC CITY, CANADA.  The fundraiser will take place at L’agitée – a revolutionary and community focused café/bar on 251 Dorchester St.

The theme for the evening will be the promotion of Education is Power through music and cultural diversity of Africa and Canada.  Right now there are 2 confirmed musical groups who are graciously volunteering for this project.  The musical guests confirmed are:

Mamadou Kane and Friends:  Music from west Africa

Québec Traditional Music: Luke Dawson (program coordinator at L’agitée) has confirmed his band

I am still looking for more musicians.  More details on confirmed musicians will come shortly.

There will also be a short presentation on Education is Power led by myself (Dave Cuddy) and Genèvieve Doyon who has just recently returned from a Canada World Youth experience in the same community in Kenya of the current students of Education is Power.

The evening will also prove to be an opportunity to start an Education is Power contact list of people who want to stay up to date with the project and possibly get involved in future activities.

March 3, 2009

Things are moving a long.  New ideas and ambitions are always in the works with Education is Power (EIP).   I (Dave Cuddy) am still working on getting more people involved with EIP to help take some weight off my shoulders and see its sustainable continuation, and reach the major objective of having a new female student from east Africa study at an east African college or university towards ensuring a sustainable environment.  There are currently four young Kenyan women who have applied to be the new EIP student for 2010.  The applications are very well detailed and it will be a very difficult choice when the time comes to make a decision.  Further updates will come on these four ambitious young women.  For now the pressing issues are as follows:

1.)  Meeting budget needs for existing students Stephen Kamau and Samuel Wakang’u Kiarie.

$652 is needed for May 2009 Tuition which will see Stephen Kamau start his 2nd year of studies in tourism and wildlife studies

Thanks to the last news article in the Perth Courier (from Perth, Ontario, Canada)  Samuel has received a donation of $300 which will take care of our fundraising shortfalls for Samuels first year of University.  To see news article click here:  Perth Native continues to press for education in east Africa

2) Organizing for Education is Power fundraiser scheduled for April 3rd in Quebec City, Canada.

See above under March 4, 2009

3) Pursuing partnership with W.U.S.C. (World University Service of Canada) at the University Laval chapter.

As a new member of W.U.S.C.  at the University Laval campus, I have presented the idea of Education is Power and WUSC partnering for a fundraiser at Le Massif ski resort (my workplace).  I have met with the events coordinator at le Massif and le Massif is interested in supporting the project with a hiking or ski day at le Massif with students of University Laval.  This fundraiser would take place in October 2009 or the winter of 2010.

On March 9, 2009, we at WUSC Laval are having a meeting focusing on this fundraising initiative.  There will be two guests at this meeting who have been key people in the success of Education is Power.   Maxim Fortin will be attending with the purpose of sharing his ideas from  a similar fundraiser he organised at Le Massif for engineers without borders.  The outline for this project can be found here: Massif sans frontières .  Genèvieve Doyon is the other guest who recently returned from working with KENVO – Education is Power’s partner in Kenya.  So she will be able to share some of the impacts of Education is Power and her first hand experience with the project in Kenya.

4) Processing official Canadian charity application with Revenue Canada and the government of Canada.

It has been six months since an application was submitted to Revenue Canada and we have just heard word that an agent is finally looking at the application and should be getting back to us shortly to inform us on what our next steps will be in this lengthy process.

January 14, 2009

Lots of things are happening!

There is a very important fundraiser that will be happening in Quebec City in March 2009. Quebec City is where Education is Power officially started in the winter of 2008.  The fundraiser is very important because it is likely to make or break the successful continuation of Education is Power.  Founder, Dave Cuddy has realized that the current methods of fundraising (relying solely on himself and the current students) will not be enough for Education is Power to meet its mission and objectives, and furthermore to support three East African students at college and university studies in 2009.

At Education is Power, we believe the first step to solving this fundraising problem is to form solid partnerships with similar organisations in Canada.  Currently, Education is Power is organising a proposal with WUSC (World University Service of Canada).  Since 1978, WUSC’s Student Refugee Program has given opportunities to over 900 capable young women and men from countries of origin as diverse as Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan, Burma and Afghanistan.  These refugees have been able to resettle in Canada as permanent residents, pursue their education in an environment free of violence and fear…transform their lives, and become active Canadian citizens making valuable contributions to their communities.

The goal of this partnership between Education is Power and WUSC is to create something more sustainable that will allow EIP (Education is Power) to meet its mission and objectives.  The proposal for the EIP fundraiser happening in Quebec City this March 2009, is for the WUSC chapter of Quebec City to become involved and help with some of the organising processes for the fundraiser.  The overall objective of this is for the WUSC chapter of Quebec City to organise a fundraiser for EIP all on their own, in the fall of 2009 or winter of 2010.  Subsequently, this would pave the road for more WUSC chapters at universities across Canada to help meet EIP’s goal: to each year fund at least one new East African student at an East African college or university, while continuing to meet budget needs for the existing students.

This overall objective will be especially necessary for coordinator Dave Cuddy, because he has been accepted into an intensive six month practical and theoretical course in Ecological Agriculture.  This course will begin in October 2009 and takes place on a remote farm in France, on the edge of the Alps.  There is little telephone or internet access at this organic/ecological farm, hence it will be very difficult for him to organise fundraisers on his own.  In November 2008, Dave was fortunate enough to have spent two weeks working at this farm, which is better known as The Eco/Etho Research & Education Centre at La Combe, Drome, France.  His experience here opened his eyes to a lot of future possibilities in terms of creating educational programs that will promote more sustainable use of the natural environment, with a special focus on addressing how poverty impacts the natural environment.

Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington, the founder of this Eco/Etho Research & Education Centre has been practising and teaching ecological agriculture for over 35 years.  With a vast background including B.Sc (zoology). D.Phil (ethology). M.Phil (phisophy of mind), British Horse Society, Marthe spent her childhood in Kenya on farms, went to University in Scotland and then returned to East Africa to Makerere College, Kampala, Uganda, and was one of the first researchers studying the behaviour of a large mammal in the field in Africa.

Dave Cuddy was largely acceppted as a student of Dr. Marthe Kiley-Worthington because of his contacts and ambitions in East Africa.  For more information on Dave’s course and The Eco/Etho Research & Education Centre, where the course takes place please visit the website at:


January 7, 2008

Education is Power is currently receiving applications until the beginning of February for a new student who will be a young East African women that meets our mission and objectives.

In November 2008 Education is Power raised about $1500.00 with two fundraisers, one in Kimende, Kenya and the other in Perth, Ontario, Canada.  This allowed for Samuel to commence his environmental education degree at Kenyatta University. Wahoo!!

September 23, 2008


I am happy to have completed a new detailed fundraising information package. This file includes a description of the current students being supported, a budget/cash flow, and the governing document (Trust Declaration) for registration as a Canadian charity. You can find this file on the Budget page.

September 20, 2008


I have been receiving nominations towards the newly established Jacques Hébert Global Citizenship Awards. The awards will recognize the achievements of young Canada World Youth past participants from Canada and around the world who are working on innovative community projects that promote the principal traits of global citizenship: peace, tolerance and intercultural understanding. It is my hope that while seeking nominations for this award I can generate more contacts to seek out further fundraising opportunities. It has been quite stressful trying to seek out nominators but we at Education is Power are certainly content to have put out a good effort towards obtaining the award. Nothing has ever been accomplished without trying and the stress is good! Award Description

Currently I (Dave Cuddy) am in the process of applying for fundraising opportunities with international schools in Europe. These are schools I worked with during the spring of 2008 when I was working as an Outdoor Educator in Ardèche, France. We have been discussing the possibilities of having the students from the international schools create their own fundraisers to support this East African Education Trust.

I have submited this project Education is Power to my workplace in Vancouver Island, Canada. Strathcona Park Lodge has a Stratchcona Circle Bracelet Fund, where each year they donate towards sustainable and humanitarian projects.

Back in Perth, Ontario, Canada, my family is organising a barbecue fundraiser to take place in late September.

For November, Stephen and Samuel are organising a community fundraiser in the home are of Kimende, Kenya.

It is also worth noting that Education is Power is expecting to hear back from the Canadian Revenue Agency in early 2009 as to whether or not the organisation will gain status as a registered charity in Canada. It is expected that much more fundraising opportunities will arise once the charity has registered status.

Fundraiser: April 24, 2008 – Perth, Ontario, Canada – another great success!   What a wonderful warm spring evening, with the sun setting behind the musicians as they wailed out their tunes for Kenya in front of a crowd of 50+ people. In total the fundraiser made $503. I had a chance to talk to a number of people there and I was very impressed and happy with how supportive and caring everyone was. I believe this was a great kick off to future fundraising in my (Dave Cuddy) original home town of Perth, Ontario. As well it is with great thanks and appreciation to the local news paper “The Perth Currier” who are supporting this project. Big Up – Perth, Ontario, Canada. perth-fundraiser-poster     April 17, 2008 Levée de fonds à Québec était un bon succès – The fundraiser in Quebec City was a great success!

What a fun time at the soirée Québécoise. More people came out then expected. There was lots of dancing and great people that filled up the Pub X. After everything was said and done the fundraiser made $640!! This is great news and whats even better is that in May, Stephen will be able to start his first semester of College at the Centre for Tourism Training and Research! Of course more money is needed to be raised but the school is accepting down payments. Stephen and Samuel are also now starting fundraising efforts in Kenya.

It was also great to see The Quebec City t.v. news (vox 9) cover a short story on the event. Thank you so much to all the people that supported this event. Its amazing what effort and word of mouth can accomplish… Désolé pour le anglais! UNIVERSITÉ LAVAL Bureau d’accueil et d’animation Soirée dansante avec de la musique traditionnelle québécoise Pour le 7 Avril: Des étudiants de l’Université Laval, Dave Cuddy et Annick Davignon, invitent le public à une soirée de financement pour « Education is Power », un projet qui a pour objectif d’encourager et de promouvoir l’éducation des jeunes Kenyans. La soirée se tiendra le lundi 7 avril 2008 dès 19 h 30 au PubX, situé au 2300, Chemin Ste-Foy, juste derrière le PEPS. Le PubX prendra des airs de cabane à sucre avec l’accordéoniste Guy St-Jean, propriétaire de la Cabane à sucre Blouin de l’Île d’Orléans. D’autres invités seront aussi de la partie, dont Guillaume Bretagnon, un guitariste de talent qui saura assurément faire vibrer l’assistance. C’est une excellente occasion pour ressortir sa chemise de bûcheron et sa ceinture fléchée pour se laisser entraîner par la musique dans une ambiance folklorique. Les danses carrées et autres danses traditionnelles seront à l’honneur pour « giguer » et « swinger » en bonne compagnie ! Assister à cette soirée est une façon d’encourager un projet qui vient en aide à deux jeunes du Kenya afin qu’ils puissent accéder à des études postsecondaires dans leur pays. Les billets sont en prévente au coût de 5 $ (5 $ à la porte) au Bureau d’accueil et d’animation, local 2344 du pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins et auprès des organisateurs. Le coût comprend une consommation. Pour plus information communiquer avec Dave Cuddy à Après une expérience avec Jeunesse Canada Monde, Dave Cuddy, a décidé d’aider les autres dans des pays comme le Kenya où les gens n’ont pas les mêmes chances que la majorité des jeunes canadiens. « J’ai décidé de commencer en donnant la possibilité à deux de mes amis, Stephen Kamau and Samuel Wakangu, de poursuivre leur rêve d’aller au collège. » Ainsi, après leurs études, ils auront les connaissances et la crédibilité requises pour pouvoir aider d’autres enfants en mettant sur pied un centre d’éducation en plein air pour leur permettre d’accéder à leur tour à l’éducation. Le but du projet « Education is Power » est de donner à chaque année cette même chance à de plus en plus de Kenyans. ——————————————————————


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