Tanzanian Students

This page is a list of some of  the bright and hopeful young students in Tanzania we have gotten to know.  You will notice that some students are sponsored.  This means that an individual, family, school or other organization has committed to making sure they make it to their graduation. Those in need of sponsorship depend on ongoing donations. If you wish to learn more about a student or inquire about sponsorship please email info@educationispower.org.

Jimie Kiwanga

University of Dar Es Saalam, Computer Technology Diploma


jimie kiwanga PictureAbove Picture: Grant Nixon (Sponsor and EIP Volunteer), Jimi Kiwanga, and Ben Mongi (EIP Volunteer)

Jimie is from the Kilimanjaro region  in Tanzania. His family has a small subsistence  farm where they raise and sell goats. They have been able to educate their children until the end of high school through selling their goats. However, pre-college and college education is out of reach for a family who relies on agriculture. Jimie  hopes to go on to enter a computer technology bachelors program next year.