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Click here for fundraising ideas for schools.

Download article on matching funds initiative for Canadian youth led fundraising. 

Download the Education Is Power brochure for printing on regular sized paper.

Triple Hope Campaign 2016 flyer 

Watch Education Is Power’s Youtube video to promote global responsibility and inspire youth to make a contribution. 

We need passionate volunteers who want to make a better world! If you think you might like to organize an event or another initiative for Education is Powerwe want to help you!

Below are samples of what your graphics could look like:

More Materials for fundraising:

Check out the Education is Power t-shirts here.

Sample fundraising letter (To take to local businesses / people who may support the event through monetary or non monetary donations)

EIP collage of students for poster

EIP sample press release (To take to local media to help them write about the event)

If you need help making posters, flyers, tickets etc. We can help you! Contact 

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to give back and be thankful for what you have. Imagine not even having the chance to go to high school because it cost too much money!  When you are a volunteer ambassador of Education is Power you will gain experience working with an international non-profit organization. Not to mention gain many other valuable skills including public speaking, campaigning, community building, and event planning.

Volunteers will also have the chance to connect with EIP students in Africa via Skype!

And of course, helping EIP can be used as required volunteer hours to graduate high school.  

Event Organizing Tips:

The first and most important step for organizing an event is to establish a date and venue where you will hold the event. Setting this up all starts with writing your plan on paper in a professional letter.

It is very important to try to minimize overhead costs as much as possible. Find a venue that likes to support community initiatives, and also has a community that supports that venue. Or better yet have an event at your school and be creative to draw people in.

If you are having musicians play, it is good to find one local respected musician who wants to support the project, once you have one locally respected musician the rest come a lot easier. The same principle could work for guest speakers etc. Go to local food, clothing, and fair trade stores, and show them a fundraising letter and an event flyer. Ask these local stores if they are able to donate a prize that can be auctioned or raffled off at the event.

Be sure to go to the local media as this can help greatly – you never know who is going to be watching, listening, or reading. Local media also helps act as proof that the event existed, which helps a lot to gain further funding in the future.

Word of mouth advertising seems to work the best, but it’s also very important to have some nice posters and flyers set out at local places that may draw the target people you are looking for. Facebook and social media are of course good advertising resources.

Don’t forget to have a meeting with all the volunteers involved and assign different roles for the lead up organizing as well as on event day.

Of course there are other many effective ways to make your event go further. Such as promoting company logos at the event. For this, you would go to companies with a detailed plan of how you will use their logo to give them publicity. This is often in exchange for large donations which become larger as you come up with better ways to give publicity i.e. a larger sized banner requires a larger donation.

There are many types of events such as marathons, walks, or skis so don’t feel restricted. They are all great for publicity and a lot of fun as well!

Whatever the event is make sure that the people there are well aware of exactly what they are supporting. A video or a guest speaker goes a long way. Short speeches/photos/videos in-between musical acts helps bring focus about the reason for the event and inspires people to want to help.

Don’t forget to have responsible and well organized people to manage all money from admission, donations, raffles etc. A cash box or donation bin as always essential. Also having change at the start of the event will save you a lot of hassles. Lastly, don’t forget to keep good records such as keeping track of organizing expense receipts and donor information.

Fundraising is a lot of work yet very rewarding and even fun! It is a very good experience in terms of personal development, meeting new people, and most importantly, it helps make a better world. Just like when you support promising young African leaders within Education Is Power. That empowerment keeps going and going to create that wave of change the world needs.

Thank you and good luck!

Dave Cuddy, Education Is Power Co-founder

P.S. We are a registered charitable organization under Revenue Canada so we issue receipts for income tax purposes (names of donors, addresses and amounts need to be recorded).


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  1. thanks for your informative advice i wish if your gospel could reach the length and breadth of the globe thumbs up

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